Sometimes You Just Have To Let That $hit Go!

Oooooo! Such a good card today!! Welcome back faithful friends! Today is day 9 of 78 as we work our way through the Tarot deck. For those who find the Tarot a bit of a conflict with your religious training, rest assured, I am using them for inspiration and always tie them back to lessons from God ! If you have ever received a message from the Divine through something someone said or through a song or even a billboard along the highway, you know God uses whatever he needs to use in order to speak to us.

The card that presented itself today is the Four of Pentacles. It shows a successful merchant with a satisfied smile on his face proudly holding all four golden shields in his arms close to his heart. A clear, starlit sky behind him gives us the feeling that all is well with the merchant. His robe is deep purple trimmed in gold, yet another indication that he has done very well for himself financially. His posture is straight and tall but not overly proud. This man is feeling very secure in his position. Isn’t this what all of us want out of life? Don’t we want that feeling of safety and security in our financial life? For me, this has always been my primary goal; however, I now see a problem could be waiting ahead.

Just imagine what decision this merchant would be face with if God put a new and wonderful opportunity in front of him. What if he were handed the reigns of a beautiful horse that would take the merchant to distant, enchanted lands? Or what if a beautiful maiden whom he had been admiring from afar came to him and offered him her hand so that they could walk together on the moonlit beach? In order to take the reigns of the horse or the hand of his true love, he would be forced to let go of his tight grasp on the shields causing them to fall to the ground.

Does our desire for wealth and financial security sometimes lead us to cling too tightly to our material wealth at the expense of giving up new adventures and possibilities? There is a very well known parable in the Bible that come to mind. It is the story of the rich man who wants so much to keep all his rich harvest for himself instead of sharing with his brother. When his harvest was too much for his barns to hold, when he had more than enough for himself, instead of giving to others, he tore down his barns and built bigger ones. The day the bigger barns were completed and his harvest safely secured, the man died. What good did it do for the rich man to hoard all his earthly wealth?

We must be responsible and put back enough so that we can support ourselves when we reach the time we are unable or unwilling to work any longer. The question is this: How much is enough? At this very moment I know of a couple facing this decision. Path one is years and years more of work doing a job that stressful and unfulfilling but at the end of those years the payoff will be huge. Path two is to get out early and live a fantasy life aboard a sailing vessel for ten years dropping anchor at whatever exotic location they choose. The payoff for path two is not as rich, but it is enough to live their dream life as long as they live a bit more frugally! Staying on path one and working another 10-15 years will put them at an age where taking off on a boat will not be as feasible. So, do they give up the security of greater wealth later in life or do they give up the dream life? This is the dilemma.

This is where our faith is called into focus. Do we put our faith in our ability to accumulate material wealth or do we put our faith in God and trust that he will provide the opportunities we need to make money when we really need it? What is more important? Do we take a leap of faith and live a dream life or do we stick to the drudgery of working until we die? The choice is always ours to make.

Looking back at our lives, Kevin and I made the decision to let go of the security and take a leap of faith to live our best lives. We have never been rich financially and never will be, but we have always had enough and we always will. If I compare sitting on a secluded beach with great friends to sitting in an office pouring over financial spreadsheets, I know that letting go of the security was the best decision we ever made!

What grand adventure would you love to have? How much is enough to make that dream come true? When old age comes and options for the grand adventure are gone, will you be happy with the choices you made? The answers will be different for everyone. I would LOVE to hear what your grand adventure is! What would you love to do more than anything else in life? Please share!

Thanks again for being here!



The Strength Of The Human Heart

Welcome back! Today is day 8 of 78 as we traverse the Tarot deck. The card I drew for today is the Three of Swords. It is a very powerful card to look at. We see a human heart in the center of the card being pierced by three swords. On the front of the heart is a large emblem of the sun. In the background we see stormy skies in the lower half of the card but we see the skies clearing in the top half of the card. So what does it all mean?

The number 3 in numerology is the most joyful number to me. It is a powerful number in many religions and is part of the ratio that makes up sacred geometry. The entire universe works around the number 3 and numbers evenly divisible by 3. The fact that it is a joyful number is important when we analyze this card.

By the time any human reaches adulthood, it is inevitable that his or her heart has been attacked, hurt or even broken – sometimes multiple times. This card indicates that there could be another such attack coming up or that has recently happened. It can also indicated a painful separation of some sort such as someone being called away for a length of time due to work or school. It can also indicate a divorce or death.

The positive side of this card comes through when we see that despite the swords going through the heart, the heart has the emblem of the sun on the front. This means that the sun will shine on the situation again – that the human heart is strong enough to get through the present difficulties. This is further shown by the clearing skies overhead. Whatever the storm was, is, or will be is below the heart. The heart will rise above it and the skies above will clear once again.

Let’s face it, life on planet earth is hard! So many times we are left crushed and sobbing on the ground. Believe it or not, going through the hard times is part of the purpose of our lives here on Earth. It’s when we are knocked to our lowest that God can raise us to our highest. We are reminded of this truth in the Bible in Ecclesiastes 3-1:8. This is such a widely known verse telling us there is a time for everything under Heaven. This just shows us that there is a time for all the painful situations, but there is also a time for renewal and healing. We have all gone through things that make our hearts physically hurt. We feel like there is no way to recover from the pain, that life will never be the same again. Part of that is sometimes true. Often when something exceptionally painful happens such as the death of a spouse, we may get to a point in the future when we will feel joy again, but our lives will never return to the way they were in the past.

Sometimes never being the same again is a good thing! If life gets stagnant or too comfortable, we can rest assured we will be shocked out of our comfort zones. Sometimes these shocks are swords through our hearts. Sometimes it takes something extremely powerful and painful to get us to move to the next level. If we are able to grow from our heartbreaks and learn lessons, we can look back at the pain as a blessing in disguise. If we allow the pain to drag us down to a place we never rise up from, we fail to grow and progress in our spiritual walk.

The path forward is never a straight line. There are ups and downs all along the way. If we are going to reach our ultimate destination which, to me, is raising to higher spiritual levels, we have to go through the good and the bad. Without the bad, how can we be grateful for the good? We can’t. We can’t understand darkness without understanding light. We can’t understand happy if we don’t understand sad. In this life of duality, it is the opposites that give each other meaning. The same is true of heartbreak. When we can contrast how horrible the heartache felt to how exhilarating the joy felt, the joy feels so much more delicious. When we finally get to the higher ground and can look back at the hole we were in, we can feel so proud of the progress we made! Yes, it sucked being in the hole, but how amazing is the joy that came from rising above the hole – from being IN the hole to becoming WHOLE. What a journey!

No matter how many swords your heart has endured, don’t ever give up! “This too shall pass” is one of the most valuable pieces of wisdom we can ever learn. If you are in a hole, you look up at that blue sky overhead and figure out a way to get back to the sunshine! You are strong enough to withstand the storm and God will always be there to pick you up when you ask him.

Thanks so much for being here! I look forward to being with you again tomorrow as we pick a new card to investigate.



A Happy and Harmonious Home Is In The Cards!

Welcome Back! I’m so glad you are here! Today is day 7 of our 78 days going through the Tarot cards. What a wonderful card we have pulled for today! Anyone who ever goes for a Tarot card reading would most likely feel the weight of the world lifted from their shoulders if this card appeared. The Ten of Cups shows us the perfect picture of a happy and harmonious home life. What a blessing!

First let’s look at the card. It shows a perfect, storybook cottage sitting on a lush, green lawn with an arching rainbow over top of it. Our 10 golden cups are placed on the rainbow to make a complete arch from the ground on one side of the cottage, over the roof and back to the ground on the other side. In the front yard are two beautiful, young women sitting on a bench working on a needlework project, a playful cat is in front of them. It perfectly tells the story of a peaceful, conflict free home. Just looking at the card makes me feel safe and happy!

Our homes are our refuge from the storms, our safe place when the rest of the world is in turmoil. We all need a soft place to land when the trials and tribulations of everyday life knock us off our feet. Coming home means so much to all of us.

According to numerology, the number 10 is reduced down to the number 1 which represents a new beginning. A home always indicates a new beginning. If a child grows up in a home filled with anger and hostility, or worse, with no home at all, purchasing his or her first home is even more important to him or her than to those of us who grew up in loving homes. It signals a new beginning, a fresh start in a home of his or her own. When a couple gets married and establishes their first home together, it is another new beginning. When a change in life come along that requires relocation to an unfamiliar place, finding a home is the first thing we need to do to make us feel grounded.

Home means everything! Having a happy home is a blessing beyond compare. As important as our earthly homes are, how much more divine will it be when we are finished with our earthly experience and get to go back to our spiritual homes? We know that our time here on Earth is short. We are here to learn lessons, complete missions and do our best to grow spiritually. Even in the best of circumstances, being here is hard! There are obstacles and challenges around every bend. Our earthly bodies get beat up along the way and start to degenerate as we age making everything even harder. We love and laugh. We scream and yell. We cry, worry and fret. Despite it all, we love our lives and our homes here on Earth. We do the very best with the cards we are dealt. None of us looks forward to the time we can shed these, heavy, dense bodies so that our spirits can return to our true home but what a glorious reunion it will be!

When we are born, God removes our memories of what our true home is like. If he didn’t, none of us would agree to stay here! LOL!!! We are given glimpses of what Heaven is like through our Holy Books but we can’t really remember. A few of us do remember brief glimpses of the glories awaiting our return, but not many. Knowing what reward is waiting at the end of this mission is what gets many of us through the tough days. The promise of returning home to God and the glories of Heaven makes it all worth while. When Heaven’s gate swings open and I feel the absolute love of God, when I hear the angels sing and when I run into the arms of all my spirit family members who have gone before, I will truly know that I am HOME – my ultimate soft place to land, my ultimate new beginning!

Thanks so much for being here! My gratitude for you is overflowing!



A Bright Future Lies Ahead! How Do You Get There?

Welcome back! I’m so glad you are here as we continue our journey through the Tarot cards. This is day 6 of 78 and the card I drew for today is the Two of Wands.

From a numerology perspective, two represents partnerships, cooperation or collaboration. This stands true with our Two of Wands. The card shows a traveler on a meandering path that splits in the near future. Just beyond the split in the path the two wands are firmly planted in the ground. In the distant background of the card we see two deer calmly grazing and looking at the traveler without fear. The whole meadow in front of the traveler is green and lush.

This card is filled with hopes and dreams for the future. The traveler is near the beginning of the path signifying that he has recently started the journey or, in this case, a new venture. Now he is firmly on the path of this new venture even though it is fairly new. The wands being firmly planted in the ground indicates that the new venture is firmly established and appears to be standing on its own. This gives the traveler a sense of satisfaction and the motivation to continue down the path. The lush foliage shows that the path is growing with great possibilities.

As I mentioned, ahead of the traveler the path splits into two different pathways. This indicates that as the traveler continues with the new venture, new opportunities are in the future. It also shows that a partnership may form or a new direction for the project could be coming. As both paths are equal in size and both continue through the fertile meadow, whatever choice the traveler makes will work out successfully. The only thing that will stall or stop the forward progression of the project is if the traveler lacks the motivation or the courage to keep going.

For me, this card is very exciting and refreshing. Having started several ventures in the past, I know the feelings of insecurity along the path to success. Once the venture is firmly established and the fruits of my labors start to show themselves, feelings of immense gratitude and excitement for the future bloom. As anyone who has birthed a new venture knows, there are always twists and turns along the way. Many times, as the venture gains momentum, bringing in a new partner or assistant becomes a necessity. There are also always decisions to be made that will alter the direction of the project. No matter how well you plan, new directions always present themselves if you are willing to see them. The most empowering feeling is knowing that you get to choose where the project goes!

Life is like this so many times. When we take a relationship from dating to marriage, there is a period of getting the marriage from the alter to a place of stability. Once this happens both people can stand side by side look at the future with a sense of security and great antisipation. When a baby is born, it brings with it so many emotions! We wonder if we will be good parents. We worry that we will do something wrong and the baby will be harmed. We fear we won’t be able to stay the course until the child is grown and on his or her own. But, once we are firmly on the parenthood path and the child is thriving, all of those insecurities fade. We anticipate the future with great expectations! We start to think of all the new adventures the baby will bring to our lives as he or she grows up. We relish each new phase of development thinking this new phase is even better than the last!

These concepts also hold true for any new venture we decide to embark upon at any phase of our lives! Whether it is starting a new business, or building a new home, changing jobs or leaving behind your childhood hometown, there will always be fears and doubts in the beginning. If we have the motivation and courage to keep moving forward with our dreams, we will eventually reach this place where the new venture is firmly established. We will stop looking at each day with worry and fear and will start looking past the place where we stand to the place we have the opportunity to go.

Thanks again for being here!



You Have The Strength To Get Through Your Challenges!

Today is day 5 of my 78 day Tarot Card Challenge! Thank you so much for being here. My gratitude is overflowing!

The card I pulled for today is the Strength Card. Just gazing at this beautiful card gives me strength and makes it clear that strength doesn’t necessarily mean we have to conquer our battles by using brute force. So many times it is our strength of Character or strength of Perseverance that wins the battles. The strength of Wisdom also comes to mind. When we are young, we sometimes don’t have the wisdom needed to successfully win our battles. We rely only on the surface strength we possess such as strong muscles, strong tongues and strong wills. It is only with age that we learn the strength of wisdom, patience and perseverance.

The Strength Card has a picture of a beautiful woman with her head held high walking under the starlit sky with a lion walking at her side. Starting at the top of the card, we see the dark of night. When we are facing a challenge, it can so often feel like we are walking in the dark, as if we can’t see the path clearly and we are afraid of what the darkness might be hiding. Challenges often bring fear into our lives. Being courageous doesn’t mean that we don’t feel the fear, it just means that we feel the fear but move forward through the challenge anyway.

I was in church one Sunday morning many years ago and I was praying for a person in my life who repeatedly faced the same challenges over and over and over again! I asked God, why did she have to go through all of this. Instantly a video started playing in my head. I saw a woman dressed in a ragged, brown cape running over very rocky and rough terrain. Right behind her was a pack of horrible, biting, growling creatures trying to bite at her heels. She kept running until she tripped and fell. Instinctively she gathered herself up into a ball, covered her head with her hands and tried to protect herself from the biting creatures. Their teeth were snapping all around her, threatening her with death. Finally, in desperation, the woman raised her head and looked at the demons all around her. With her determined gaze, the demons started to back up. The woman gathered herself up and stood firmly in her place. With this, the demons backed away from her though they were still growling and snapping at her. She gathered her inner fortitude, her inner strength, and grabbed one of the them by the scuff of the neck. Instantly that hideous creature turned into a docile, domestic house cat. She turned and saw a pile of cages right beside her. She shoved the cat in the cage and continued to do this with each and every creature that had been pursuing her. Once every single demon was transformed and caged, the woman walked away in peace. The lesson I learned from this is that all of us have times when it feels like we are being chased by demons. We fear for our lives and we run. At some point, we all have to stand up and face those demons. Once we look them in the eye and take action, those demons somehow lose their power over us. It is only after we conquer the demons that we can remove them from our lives. If we never deal with them, they will just continue to plague us over and over again. If we never tame our beasts, we can’t learn the lesson of strength.

I am also reminded of Jesus and his disciples. They were all in a boat when a vicious storm came upon them. Jesus was sleeping at the time. The disciples were all terrified and started trying to fight the storm with human strength but fear overtook them. They awoke Jesus who rebuked them for their lack of faith. Then he held out his arms and told the storm to become calm. The seas calmed just as he commanded and they were able to continue their journey. Jesus was calm in the eye of the storm and had faith that he was able to calm the waters using his wisdom and belief in his abilities – his inner strength and his knowledge that God would always be there to help. This inner strength is what will get us through the toughest challenges that come our way.

When challenges come and fear grips us tightly, we sometimes react violently to try to overpower the challenge. We lash out at people or act irrationally. These actions usually end with even more challenges arising. It’s by using the strength of our wisdom, the strength of our character and the strength of our perseverance that we are able to tame the beasts or calm the seas.

Thank you so much for being here today! I look forward to sharing with you again tomorrow!



Work With Passion And Your Efforts Will Be Rewarded – Three of Pentacles

Reward for your hard work is coming your way!

Welcome back! It’s day 4 of my 75 day challenge which will end up being 78 days because by the time I write about 75 Tarot cards, there will only be 3 left. It wouldn’t be right to stop before the whole deck was complete! I am so glad you are here!

The card I drew for today is the Three of Pentacles. After 3 cards dealing with chaos, loss and making hasty decisions, its nice to have a less intense card today. In numerology, the number 3 is a happy number. It indicates good things, reward and positive outcomes. Nikola Tesla held the number 3 to be the most important number in all of the universe. He would only stay in hotel rooms that had a room number which could be evenly divided by the number 3. In Christianity, there is God in 3 parts, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Christ rose after 3 days. He had 12 disciples which is evenly divisible by 3. There are no negative connotations associated with the number 3 to my knowledge.

On the card we see a craftsmen, most likely a blacksmith, holding up one of his finished projects. There are two additional finished pieces hanging on the mantle. He appears to be very satisfied with the shield he has just completed. If you have a talent that gives you a great deal of pleasure, you know the feeling of using that talent to create something of great value. It is one of the greatest feelings in the world! Because we see that he uses his talent every day to support himself, we know that he has been honing his craft for a long period of time. Being a blacksmith is what he does for a living.

The card shows that reward will come to you as a result of using your talent. The reward could be money if you get paid for creating something or it could come in the form of public acknowledgement of your accomplishments. Whatever it is, all of your hard work will start to pay off for you. Receiving the reward will feel so good to you! You have spent a lot of time working towards this moment. Now the payoff is at hand and you deserve it!

All of life is like this. When you put in the effort and you work consistently, the reward will eventually come to you. The most important part is to not give up too soon! In the book, “Think and Grow Rich” the author tells a story of a man who bought a gold mine during the California gold rush. He worked and worked the mine with very little payoff until he decided to give up. He sold all his tools and went home feeling disgraced. The person who bought the mine from him took some time to study the conditions within the mine and altered the tunnel direction just slightly. He reached a fantastically rich vein of gold just 3 feet from where the original owner threw in the towel.

If you are passionate about something, keep working at it even if you have to do something else to pay the bills. If you have a God given talent for something – and everyone does – use your talent! Take pride in what you create. How many times have we told ourselves that what we do isn’t good enough to be successful, someone else is better at our craft than we are and so on. Why are we always so hard on ourselves? And then there is the person who randomly throws buckets of paint at a canvas and he becomes famous! What is that all about? It’s about self confidence and putting your craft out there. The paint thrower is proud of his work and shows it off! His positive attitude and enthusiasm spreads to others who see his work. Because he is willing to proudly put it out there consistently, he will attract his tribe. Whatever we do, our work will attract those who will love it and we will be rewarded.

It is so incredibly odd that I pulled this card yesterday as soon as I finished the post from yesterday. I researched the meaning and was mulling it over in my head all evening. After I went to bed, an old friend of mine who knew me when I was designing wedding dresses sent me a message. She told me she was getting married later this year and would love to have me create one of my signature gowns for her. I could not have been any more surprised! I haven’t been in the field for a few years now that I have retired but it has always been one of my favorite things to do! To me, this was the perfect affirmation that if you do what you love, you will be rewarded for your efforts.

Thanks so much for being here today! I hope to see you again tomorrow.



How to Navigate Conflict, Chaos and Change – the Five of Wands

The Five of Wands can represent conflict, chaos and change.

It’s day 3 of my 78 day writing challenge! I’m so glad you are here! Let’s jump right in. So far, I have drawn 3 cards, two of which have been 5’s – lol!! If I were reading for myself, it would seem change is in my future! Again, the number 5 in numerology as well as in Tarot represents change. If we look at this card, we see 5 men all wielding large, sharp wands or weapons. We see there is obviously conflict going on but it’s not clear who is actually fighting with whom.

Change comes to us in a variety of ways throughout our lives. Sometimes change brings sadness and lamenting over what is being left behind as we saw from the Five of Cups. Sometimes change comes with conflict and chaos as it appears to do in this card.

Sadly, most all of us have experienced a change in our lives due to the loss of a relationship caused by conflict. Even if the relationship wasn’t entirely lost, conflict, harsh words, nit picking and criticizing can all cause the relationship to change forever. The wounds caused by the tongue are the most dangerous wounds we can inflict. In the heat of the moment, sometimes words come out of our mouths that we didn’t want to come out. Unfortunately, once the words leave our mouths, they cannot be taken back. Sometimes words can be forgiven but they are never ever forgotten. Anyone who justifies his or her words by thinking that the other person knows he or she didn’t mean it is sadly deluding themself.

Because words and conflict can be so damaging to a relationship, we need to carefully analyze a situation before we let our sharp tongue engage. This is a skill I had to develop when I owned a bridal shop. Everything revolving around a wedding is highly emotionally charged. If any type of situation arose that made the client unhappy, the emotions sometimes made everything worse. In the beginning it was easy for me to engage in the verbal battle by pointing out that the bride had signed a contract, there was nothing I could do about the bride gaining weight, that it wasn’t my fault the bride became pregnant so the dress no longer fit, etc. Then I learned the best skill of my life. When the outbursts came, I learned to step back mentally, separate myself from the conflict and look at all of it from outside the situation. From a point away from the center of the problem, it was much easier for me to figure out what end result the bride was actually seeking. Most of the time, the thing the bride was angry about had nothing to do with me or my business. Most of the time, something happened that had nothing to do with the actual wedding gown. Because the wedding gown didn’t fit, or the wedding was called off or the couple decided to elope or whatever, the bride was upset with the outside situation, not the actual wedding gown. By stepping back, I could see what had really caused the problem in the first place. From there a clear path to fixing the problem always became clear. Baby bump? Call in alterations. Extra weight? Take out the zipper and put in a corset. Elopement? Help the bride plan a very special photo shoot where she could still actually wear the dress, and so on. By helping the bride find a way to get to where she wanted to go, her highly charged emotions quickly evaporated.

The point of all of this is, when conflict comes, as it always does, the wisest course of action is to take a couple of breaths before reacting. Then you can look at the situation from outside the problem. Try to avoid conflict by finding the path to a solution that lets the other person feel like you have heard them without lashing back at them.

Unfortunately there will be times when the conflict is too big to overcome. If you need to defend yourself or draw a line in the sand, doing so with a clear head will have better results than jumping into an attack. If, despite your best efforts, a major change has to happen, you will always know that you took the higher road. It takes great strength of character to be the bigger person but you will always be glad you did.

Thanks so much for being here. I look forward to meeting with you again on day 4!



How To Make Good Decisions – You Can Do It!

Learn to make decisions from the Knight of Swords

Welcome back! I’m so glad you have joined us today as we dive into how to make strong decisions. This is day 2 of our 78 day journey through the Tarot Cards. I drew the Knight of Sword today. It’s a very beautiful card showing the strength of the Knight in such vivid colors of rich blues and purples with touches of gold. We have a knight on horseback in full battle gear with his sword held high above his head. The sun is glinting off the sword in a flash of golden light. In the tree just behind him we see an owl perched among the branches peering down at the knight. So what does it all mean?

So many times in life we are faced with really tough decisions. As we are trying to make the right choices, we often feel like we are in a battle within ourselves. What is the right choice? What if we make the wrong choice? How do we know what to do? Sometimes the battle is so fierce we feel paralyzed by the whole situation. We choose to shut down completely or to ignore the entire situation. This never works. At some point in time, we will have to make the decision or someone else will make it for us. If someone else makes the decision, it will most likely not be made with our best interest in mind. When this happens, we have given away our power.

This card inspires us to first ask God for direction as depicted by the bright golden light reflecting off the sword. Raise the question up to God as the knight is raising his sword. Ask for wisdom and guidance. Wisdom brings us to the owl, the quintessential symbol of wisdom and knowledge. The owl is looking down at the knight showing that wisdom is over the knight and being offering to him if the he will look up and seek it.

To find this promised wisdom, quiet your mind and sit in stillness for a little bit of time. It will come to you. If it doesn’t come to you right away, it will come when you least expect it. Sometimes you will wake up knowing the answer to your problem. Sometimes someone will say something to you at exactly the right moment and you will know the answer. The answer will present itself. You just have to be willing to see it.

Once you have taken some time to hear what is given to you, go boldly ahead. Just as this knight is poised for battle and his horse is leaning forward eager for the signal to charge, so must you be ready to charge forward. Now is not the time to hesitate and second guess yourself. Now is the time to charge ahead and make that decision with confidence and strength! Once you have made the decision to the very best of your ability, don’t look back! What is done is done! You made the decision using all of the tools available to you. Have faith in yourself and keep moving forward. What happens to this knight if he stops his horse and looks backward? Most likely the enemy will see his moment of weakness and move in for the kill. If you doubt yourself after you make a decision, you will allow the enemy of your own mind to attack you.

This card also shows us that there has to be a balance between seeking the right answer and charging ahead. If the knight charges ahead without taking time to size up his opponent, he could make a reckless and dangerous move. On the other hand, if he waits too long to charge, he could quickly become overcome by his opponent. This would also not end well. As with all things in life, balance is the key.

Tough decisions come to us all. When they come, remember the lessons of the knight; ask God for wisdom, seek and hear that wisdom then move forward boldly.

Thanks again for being here! I hope you join me tomorrow for day 3!



How To Manifest Joy After Change

Change is inevitable; however, change can manifest great blessings into our lives.

Good Morning! It is such a blessing that you are here! If you read my last post, you know that I had a Tarot Card reading last weekend. It was fun and I felt like it actually changed my life for the better. Because of that experience, I became curious about the cards and wanted to learn more. I know some of you may have bad feelings about such things. That’s OK. I believe that God wants to speak with us and have a relationship with us. He will use whatever tools are available to communicate if we are willing to listen. So, I purchased a deck of cards for myself. My biggest desire for my life is to use my gift of writing to inspire others and to build the next phase of our lives. I have decided to do a challenge based on the 75 Hard program developed by Andy Frisella. His program uses fitness and nutrition to win the war that rages within all of us. The program has you complete the challenge every single day for 75 days. To be honest, fitness and nutrition are not at the forefront of my life at this point; however, I do want to reach my goals. Instead of fitness and nutrition, I am committing to writing every day for 75 days no matter what challenges come my way. At first, that seemed so daunting! How was I going to be able to come up with new inspiration every day for 75 days? Then it came to me. A deck of Tarot cards has 78 cards. I would draw a card each day, read about the meaning of the card and write about whatever inspiration arose from it. My challenge starts now!

This is the first card I drew. It is the Five of Cups. The meaning is quite profound to me. In numerology, the number 5 represents change. On this card we see the Knight surrounded by 5 cups, three of which have been knocked over and drained of their content and two which are still upright and full. The full cups are located behind him so he can’t see them. The three spilled cups are in front of him and he seems to be very sad that they have been knocked over.

More often than not, this is how we all look at great change when it comes into our lives. We are so sad that what has been in front of us for so long has come to an end. We spend our time heavy hearted that our cups have been knocked over and the content is gone. We were comfortable with the way things were even if they were not perfect. The known is always more comfortable than the unknown.

What we fail to see is that there are still glowing, golden cups full of wonder and joy just waiting for us to discover. Just like this Knight! He can’t see the full cups because he is lamenting the loss of the empty cups. All he has to do is get up off his knees, thank God for all the joy the fallen cups have given him and turn around to see the new blessings that await!

We do not live in a vacuum. When something leaves us, our lives do not shrivel up and become smaller. When something leaves, it creates a void that allows something new to come in to fill that empty space. Change is going to happen. How does the saying go? The only thing constant in life is change! You have the power to manifest great things in your life. If what was in your life is gone, there is nothing you can do to bring it back. The only thing you can do is turn around and find a new path. The universal truth is that the farther we get knocked down, the higher God can raise us up! What is something that you really want to have in your life? Now is the time to attract it to you! Write down exactly what it is you want. What does it look like? How does it make you feel? How happy would you be if it appeared in your life? Once you have it clearly defined and you have attached emotion to it, create a vision board with pictures of it, words describing it, pictures of you feeling how you would feel if you had it and a definite time when you want this thing to be yours. Place the vision board somewhere you will see it every single day. Spend 5 minutes every day looking at it and see it coming to you in this very moment. Feel like it is already yours. Believe that it will come to you.

The next step is to define what you can do every day to move you closer to that thing. Of course we want things to magically appear in our hands, but most things, like me wanting to be a professional writer, take some leap of faith. I am not going to be a professional writer if I don’t write. You will not meet the love of your life if you sit in your house alone all day every day. There are things that require us to do something in order to get what we want in life. All it takes is faith and belief to take that first step. The Bible tells us that a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. If you are at a point in your life when change is causing chaos, be bold enough and brave enough to embrace it. Stand up and turn around. See the opportunities ahead of you and take that step! Live Boldly My Friends!

Thanks so much for being here! I look forward to sharing a new card with you tomorrow.



Full Moon Fire Ceremony – Letting It All Go!

So, you know my best friend I talked about in the Flabby Arms post? Well, she asked me if I wanted to go to this psychic event with her. Are you kidding me!! Absolutely!! Count me in!! That’s my realm!!

The psychic used Tarot cards to help with her readings. She had me shuffle the deck and she dealt them out. I have to admit, I am not very familiar with Tarot cards so I had no idea of their meanings when she flipped them over. She took just a split second to look at them, tapped her finger on one and asked me who I needed to forgive. Now, it just so happened that a few days earlier, someone in my life made a very innocent comment to me. There was no hidden meaning, no hidden agenda, nothing behind the words, but for some reason, they cut through me to my soul! I had been unsuccessful at letting go of all the negative emotions that had boiled to the surface. This is not a normal way for me to respond to things as I am usually very rational but for some reason, I was struggling. Since I was just staring at her like a deer in the headlights, she rephrased the question, “Is there someone you need to forgive?” I affirmed that there was. She went on to remind me that when we hold onto hurt feelings or anger towards someone, we are not punishing them, we are punishing ourselves. The other person is not feeling the hurt, we are. The longer we hold onto it, the longer we punish ourselves! Forgiveness doesn’t mean that what the other person did was OK, it means we are able to release the hurt and find happiness again.

I knew that what she was saying was 100% correct but letting it all go was easier said than done! I had been holding onto those feelings for days and the emotion was right at the surface 24/7! How was I going to be able to let go? She gave me the answer. We were 2 days before the Super Moon that happened on April 26, 2021. She told me to get some clean, blank paper and start writing out everything I was feeling. She told me to just let it go and write out everything that came to the surface – give it a voice – really feel it all! Then, during the full moon I was to take the paper outside under the full moon, give myself permission to let it go and set it on fire. The intent was to let the smoke rise up to God so that he could blow it all away.

Such a beautiful image formed in my mind. I did exactly what she suggested. With each sentence that I wrote, I looked deeper behind the words. There was more hiding back there. So much more! Good Heavens!! Where had all these memories and hurts from the past 60 years been hiding? I didn’t even know they were there but they just all came pouring out into the light of day. There they were on that paper, raw and wounded emotions that had built up over a lifetime. It took me over 4 hours to get it all out. When I was finished, I was literally exhausted and was left with a massive headache. It felt like I had a cancer cut out of me! You know how someone might go in for surgery to remove a very small spot of cancer but the surgeon has to remove a huge amount of tissue all around it to make sure he got it all? That’s what it felt like!

At 9:30 last night, the time arrived. Kevin had been watching me go through all of this and wanted so much to help me with the release ceremony. We took my document and a metal dog bowl out onto the lanai, asked God to take this load from me and we set it on fire! With the huge full moon overhead, we could see the smoke curling towards Heaven. We watched it from first flicker to last glowing ember and I let it all go. All of it! Up in smoke and blown away by the breath of God. I slept like a baby last night. This morning I decided to look at my emotions just to see if there was anything left. Miraculously, it was all gone. In its place was the feeling that it was all so small when it started. The way I had held onto it, nurtured it and let it grow was really the saddest part of it all.

Today is a new day. I have learned a great lesson. I pray I can remember the lesson and can release the negative emotions from my life as soon as they come so that I can fully enjoy every wonderful moment that awaits in the future.

Thanks so much for being here! If you have anything within your soul that just needs to be released, I highly recommend this process to let it all go!