I Have Been Convicted! Are You Next?

I absolutely hate it when my son calls me out on something and teaches me a painful life lesson. The hard truth is, he has been doing this since he was 6 years old! Right now he is in that in-between age when he is old enough to go to war and die for his country but not old enough to drink a beer. This kid has never done anything by the book and has challenged every social norm we have ever been programmed to accept. He was studying Einstein in Kindergarten and described in detail how to build a time machine based on the Theory of Relativity. Science encyclopedias were his books of choice in first grade until he got in trouble for not reading the book “The Little Yellow Boat”. He failed middle school math because he refused to “show his work” even though he always got the right answer in seconds. “Showing his work” just slowed him down and wasted his time in his opinion. He wouldn’t allow his teachers to bully him into doing anything. The opinions of his “superiors” never mattered one single ounce to him. He was failing middle school science until the final on Space. His teacher said that when they finished the test, they could turn the page over and would get 1 extra credit point for each additional fact they could write down about space that was not covered on the final. He finished the test with a perfect score and wrote down 89 additional facts. His favorite days of the school year were the days they took standardized tests. He would never do homework – or busywork as he called it so his grades were terrible. He told me not to worry because ISTEP was coming up. On those test days he let it fly. He always ended up in the highest categories. I was called into the school multiple times because they didn’t know what to do with him. Finally, we pulled him out of school at the start of high school and home schooled him which was the saving grace for all of us. Now he is doing in things I never even knew were possible!

So, that is the back story. He came into my life to show me that you don’t have to follow the rules if those rules don’t make sense and taught me to question everything instead of just following the masses. We were out together the other day and he wanted me to stop at the gas station so he could get a snack. He went in, bought a large pop and a bag of chips with his own money and came back to the car. The first scornful words out of my mouth were, “well, that certainly isn’t very healthy!” Instead of doing what a normal person would have done and just internalize it, he immediately pointed out that I was being judgmental and he pointed it out sternly and repeatedly. He said such things as, “the next time I see you eating a snack, I will be sure to judge you about it” and “what good did it do you to spread such negative, toxic energy around?” At first I was furious that my son would speak to me so disrespectfully but then it occurred to me that he was right! I HATE when that happens!!! The more I thought about it, the more I understood how judgmental I really am. I was quite surprised because I am very conscious about NOT judging people. It has always been important to me that I try to understand where other people are coming from and not judge them for the way they do things. It’s really important to me to accept and value people for who they are. Social bullying is a real thing and it causes so much pain to people! Being made to feel like you are not acceptable because of the way you do something just breeds insecurity, distrust and sadness. It shouldn’t happen! I believe that with my whole heart so when he called me out on it and shoved it in my face that I was being judgmental, it really made me stop and think. I stepped outside of myself and watched how I reacted to things. I took notice of how many times I was judgmental in my mind even though I didn’t say anything out loud. It was shocking! I judged people on their driving skills, on their hairstyles, on their choice of clothing, on the words they used, and on and on and on! And don’t tell me you haven’t done the same thing! After I had a judgy thought, I would immediately correct myself on it, but the fact is, I had the thought to begin with. WHY??? Were any of those people hurting me or anyone else with their choice of driving technique, clothing or communication skills? No they weren’t. They were just living their lives. Did I know what their background was? Did I know why they made the choices they made. Did I know what they were experiencing at this particular moment in time? No I didn’t. None of us know what anyone else is going through so how are we qualified to be judgmental?

It’s not just little things that we judge either. How quick are we to jump on one side or the other of some worldwide conflict when we only have what facts are given to us by a one sided media? How quick are we to think we have all the facts on an issue when we haven’t done any research of our own? We just accept what we are spoon fed by the media and accept it as truth. The sad truth is, we will never have peace on earth as long as we hold judgement against one another in any form. Until we are able to leave judgement at the door and enter into each others lives with love and compassion, we will never be a peaceful world. We might tell ourselves that the warring world has nothing to do with us, that we can’t change what world governments are fighting about, but it does truly start with us. There is a saying that says, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” That is my new goal – to leave judgement at the door and to love and accept people for who they are. I am so grateful that my son convicted me of my crime. It is only by seeing something for what it is that we can acknowledge that it exists and change it. We have all been through so much trauma over the past couple of years. Let’s all make a choice to give each other a break. Let’s let go of the conflict and the judgement and the arguing and all the negative energy we have towards others. Let’s be the change and let’s make a change!

I love you all! Thanks for being here. It really does mean the world to me.



Let’s Wake Up! Here Is A Shovel – Start Digging

Good Morning friends. I have had a secret mission for about 2.25 years now. I call it a secret mission because I felt like it was my divine mission but I was afraid of what people would think of me if I actually put the information out there. If I posted it in obscure places, I would be putting it out there but very few people would actually see it; therefor, their judgement would be minimal. Then I started writing posts about getting past the fear of what other people think of us. Soon realized that I was not following my own truths. So, it’s time to get real about things. If you are not interested, please just scroll on by.

I am assuming that most of the people who read this have little knowledge of what is really going on around the world and what the goal of the super elite is. Because getting too much information too quickly will cause people to shut down and quickly retreat to their happy places, I am going to just give a few little breadcrumbs for anyone who is interested to follow. It will be up to you if you want to get your feet wet or not. These breadcrumbs are easily provable and factual so you won’t feel like you are being led down a conspiracy theorist’s rabbit hole. Believe me, the more you learn, the more you will realize how many lies you have been told your whole life. You will start diving into what the “crazy” people have been trying to tell everyone. Who knows, you might want to get your own tin foil hat before too long! LOL!!

I have been following this path for a very long time – way before the illness appeared on the scene. I also knew that we were all being watched through our phones, computers, etc., but I had no idea just how closely we were being watched until the big illness panic hit. Because of my previous research I could see so clearly where the entire setup was leading so I tried to get the message out there on Facebook. The first time I started trying to tell everyone on Facebook that this was all a grand scheme that would lead to the mark of the beast, I was quickly contacted by some military guy on Facebook. It seemed so weird to me that some unknown military dude would randomly reach out to me in such a manner. I looked the guy up and I swear to you, all the blood drained out of my head. I saw pictures of this guy in full uniform in – lets just say – a very high-up situation with some very high-up people around him. I was over the target and I immediately caved to intimidation and said no more about anything on social media. What that tiny little interaction did was to wake me up to the fact that there were some really deep things going on so I started digging. If you would like to see for yourself some of the things going on, here are some places to start.

First, today is Saturday. The weekend is a great time to watch movies with your people. So, pop some popcorn and sit back to watch the movie “Snowden”. This will give you a little glimpse into just exactly how much information is being gathered on you every second of every day. Just a little light entertainment for the weekend.

Next, if you are wondering at all about the supply chain issues, coming gas and food shortages, what is going on with military movement around the globe, check out and subscribe to Monkey Werx US on YouTube. He is a real life special ops military guy who I am assuming is no longer active duty. He has access to all the military plane activity going on worldwide. He also tracks the shipping ports. You are going to be shocked when you see exactly how backed up the cargo ships are at the major ports surrounding China. In his post from yesterday you are also going to learn that there are already several third world countries that are completely out of fuel and have moved to food rationing. Don’t believe me, go see for yourself. He also debunks the fairy tale that since we grow food here in this country food shortages won’t affect us. The fact is, we do grow food here in the US BUT the food containers, cereal boxes, etc. are produced elsewhere and are not going to get here. So, there may be millions of tons of grain grown but no way to get that grain to the people. See how it all works? This guy also ties everything that we are experiencing into the Bible and especially the book of Revelation. This is no joke what is happening.

Finally, here are a couple of little tidbits that might pique your curiosity just a tiny bit. Again, you decide. I’m not here to try to sway you one way or another, I am just giving you some options to look into so that you can come to your own conclusions. Look up a video on the YouTube channel Rich Dad titled Bill Gates Depopulation of 1.05 billion people TED TALKS. This is an actual TED TALKS video of Bill Gates. It is only a couple of minutes long but should get your attention. There are many more things from BG about this exact concept but we will save these for another day. Oh! One more thing, this next week the US and over 100 other countries are meeting to sign a treaty with the World Health Organization – WHO that will sign away every bit of our personal rights and will allow this organization to make ALL decisions on all health situations for all of the countries. It is said that this treaty will supersede the US Constitution. Think about that for just a moment. I still have to do more research on this and many of the people who know more than I do say it will never happen but, at this point, nothing would surprise me.

OK, that’s it from me for today. As Monkey Werx says, stay frosty and keep your powder dry!

Love to all,


The Great Storm is Brewing! – Bring It On!

Yes, we are in a Hurricane zone. Yes, it’s Hurricane season. Yes, every year we hear all the warnings to stock up on items that will help us through the storm. This year; however, it might be wise counsel for everyone to prepare because I can feel a great storm brewing that will affect us all!

Does anyone else feel like there is something sinister looming on the horizon? Does it feel like a Great Storm is upon us? And this storm, does it feel like it reaches to all corners of the world or is it just me? Before I woke up to the fact that we are all kept securely in the matrix because we are kept in a constant state of fear, I would have been wrought with anxiety over what is happening all around us. Not anymore. We got ourselves stocked up on what we can and we are as ready as possible for any storm that comes our way. That sense of security breeds boldness. Now I am looking at those brewing storm clouds with a sense of “Bring It On, Bitches!”

It’s just like The Wizard of Oz. The Wizard was referred to as The Great and Powerful Oz! Everyone in the kingdom was scared to death of him. When Dorothy and her crew had the guts to stand before him, Toto pulled back the curtain to expose that the wizard was really just a little old man with no power whatsoever except the fear he cast over everyone. This is exactly what happens when we stop cowering to fear and stand up to face that which scares us.

The best way we can find courage in scary times is to figure out ways to survive and to thrive in the difficult times that are headed our way. Its a great idea to stock up on some canned food, first aid supplies, water, flashlights, batteries, etc., but the very best way to stock up is to learn the skills you need to survive long term. Most of our survival skills started to dwindle away after the Great Depression ended. We are now heading into a Depression so big it will make the Great Depression look like the So-So Depression. Gas prices are at all time highs, inflation is at all time highs, supply chains are broken and food shortages are on the way. Now there is talk of Alien invasions – both the human kind and the space kind. There is also talks of new pandemics being planned for – like we would ever fall for that one again! Anyway, after what we have been through, nothing they can throw at us would surprise me!

We have to learn to cook cheap again. We have to learn to sew and can and preserve again. The biggest defeat we can hand to those who wish to keep us down is to find joy in the hard times and satisfaction in becoming self sufficient. Over time we have all become as soft and as dependent as newborn babies! We can’t even fathom store shelves being empty. We can’t imagine gas being so expensive we choose not to drive wherever we want whenever we want. We can’t figure out how to feed our babies now that there is a baby formula shortage. Boy oh Boy! This is a wake up call if ever I saw one! Its time for us to depend on ourselves instead of Amazon!

As you know from my last post, we can’t have a garden or chickens where we live now, but this week we have moved forward with our self sufficiency plan. We have made home made, all natural shampoo with NO chemicals, we have sour dough starter brewing in the kitchen, we made all natural insect repellant, all natural lavender soap and three different types of medicinal teas. Starting next week, I am going to start documenting our urban homesteading adventures and share all the information with you. We will have recipes, instructions, etc., so that we can all gain the confidence to tell these government tyrants where they can go. Those storm clouds are building and the biggest storm we have ever weathered is bearing down on us, but we will survive and we come through it stronger and happier than ever before! Stand strong my friends!

Thank you so much for being here.

Love to all


I Got My Panties In A Wad!

Boy oh boy! Yesterday I let myself slip way down the low vibration chart and got my panties in a huge, uncomfortable wad! A couple of years ago when I first woke up to what the medical establishment is doing to us, I was raging mad. I would get in verbal fights with anyone who didn’t agree with me on Facebook. Since then, I have worked really hard to find my peace and just let that $hit go! God gave me thumbs for a reason, mostly to scroll on past all those post that use to infuriate me. Yesterday God decided to test me to see if I really was past all the arguing and fussing. I failed miserably BUT I quickly realized my mistake and removed myself from the person who had triggered me after only one enraged rebuttal. People believe their own truths and it is not my job to force them to believe mine. The post that got my attention was from a young nurse who was DEMANDING that people STOP sharing homemade baby formula recipes online! Her words were very forceful. She went on to instruct people to run directly to their doctors if they were unable to find baby formula. This is what the medical establishment has done to us! They have made us believe that we are not capable of taking care of our own babies and children! They make us believe this through the endless prenatal appointments, ultrasounds and lists of acceptable foods a pregnant woman can eat. They make the mother so fearful of all the things that could possibly go wrong that the mother runs to the doctor for every single little thing! It’s crazy! Then after the baby is born, the schedule of “well baby” appointments is off the charts. These endless appointments! Even the name of a “well baby/child” visit doesn’t make sense! If your baby or child is well, why would you waste your time, your money, your gas and your doctor’s time? This is just another way for the system to track your child throughout their lives, to feed the medical machine and to further feed this insane fear system we find ourselves in. Whew!!! Anyway, my take away from my meltdown yesterday is this: I can’t participate in this anymore. I have to do my own thing and share what I know with anyone who wants the information. If people are not interested, no problem! We all have the freedom to choose what we believe and what path we want to follow.

So, what is my plan? Actually my husband and I have made the decision to follow the natural path and to do it together. We retired and moved to a beautiful, tropical, rapidly growing area in paradise. The problem is, this paradise is actually a huge sandbox so gardening is out of the question. The “codes” we all agree to when we buy a home in this area makes it impossible to keep chickens or any other kind of food producing animal so we are at the mercy of outside circumstances. Until the time comes when we are able to move to a more productive area, we are doing what we can with what we have. For example, we have created a nicely stocked apothecary. I have the education and experience to create herbal medicines for our household. I am also able to make a wonderful array of herbal teas for personal use.

We are making our own hygiene products to further reduce our exposure to harmful chemicals that fill our commercially produced products. For example, we make our own mosquito and insect repellant that is actually nourishing to our skin instead of harmful to our entire systems. We make our own skin lotion for itching and just overall repair. We just made our first homemade shampoo. We make our own non-toxic soap and so on. I will be sharing the recipes for all of these things on our Facebook page titled Rambling Herbs and Oils. Please join us there is you are interested in these recipes. Everything is free!

Granted, I am a hippie from the original age of hippies so I see things through rose colored glasses but what I see is fantastic! If we are to survive, all of the systems currently in place that revolve around mass production are going to have to crumble away. How we live right now is not sustainable. Our government has gotten so big and out of control that the national debt alone is going to cause worldwide economic collapse. We are just starting to see the beginnings of the collapse right now through world wide inflation and rising interest rates. No matter what “they” do at this point, we are past the point of no return. There is no escape from the coming collapse. The same is true of our mass manufacturing systems. As we speak, tens of thousands of cargo ships are sitting outside ports waiting to be unloaded. The problem is, the ports are not able to unload the ships. Why they are unable to unload them is a question for another day. The fact is, ships are not being unloaded which results in shortages showing up in our stores. We have already been warned of coming food shortages. There is a shortage of new cars and trucks due to a lack of computer chips, and the list goes on. When we become completely dependent on mass production and a massive, world wide supply chain, we are vulnerable to factors outside our control. In my humble opinion, after the inevitable collapse comes, we are going to have to go back to small communities who look after each other. Hometown bakeries, butcher shops, dry good stores, apothecaries and hardware stores will be our supply chain. We will all have to go back to having gardens and preserving our own food. If we depend on others for all of our needs, others have control over us. It really is that simple. We all know beyond doubt that absolute power corrupts absolutely. We are now in the grips of that absolute corruption and it is threatening our very existence.

I am dreaming of going back to the simpler ways of life, of local communities, small towns, locally owned businesses, small family farms, and small locally governed schools. Things like visiting with neighbors on front porches, monthly dinners and dances with local musicians, kids playing outside getting dirty and making friends and pantries filled with the home canned bounty of the summer season are the things I am looking forward to. Hopefully, we will never forget how devastating it is for mankind to become dependent on others for our survival. Hopefully we will protect our small communities and a simpler way of life. Hopefully we will teach our children that caring for our neighbors and family is more important than climbing corporate ladders. Hopefully God’s promise of the New Earth is true. Hopefully ….

Thank you so much for being here and being a part of my small community. I am looking forward to what lies beyond the storm. I hope you want to come along with me as we prepare for a new way of life.

Love and Light to all!


Buckle Up Buttercup! It’s Coming!

I hate to be the barer of bad news, but it is my calling to help as many people as possible through the upcoming extremely hard days. It doesn’t matter what side of the political fence you are on at this point. Things are getting tough! We can watch the world systems that we have trusted in and believed in our whole lives crumble away beneath our feet. The biggest wake up call I have had recently – besides the crazy gas prices – is the huge number of food processing plants that have been systematically destroyed over the past several months. If this is news to you, please do your due diligence and research for yourself. I have been hearing rumors of food shortages for a few months now but chose to turn a deaf ear. Now that things are getting back to normal after the illness we suffered through, I didn’t want to hear more bad news. I wanted to live in my happy little la la land for awhile, but that is not happening. Our food processing plants are mysteriously being destroyed. Now I hear there is a baby formula shortage. Tens of thousands of chickens were slaughtered in Canada to prevent bird flu. I was pondering all of this during some quiet time and suddenly, a revelation came through to me. Believe or not – I don’t care – but there are times when information comes to me from an unknown source. This information was directly opposite from everything I thought I believed. What if our food supply is being stripped from us for our own good? Stay with me here. We have had it really good for at least my whole lifetime which is 6 decades plus. The last time that things were really desperate was during the Great Depression that ran from 1929 – 1939. Notice – that is 10 years! So, even if a person was born in the last year of the depression, they would be 83 this year. We are living longer and I know of a lot of people who are 83 or over; however, a person would have to be at least 15 years older than this to really have experienced the hardships to the point that they understood what was going on. That would now put our person at 98 years old. There are very few people who make it to this ripe old age. Therefore, 99% of the people in America today have never experienced severe hard times.

We don’t know what it is like to have to be self sufficient. Most of the skills needed to raise our own food and sew our own clothes and make our own medicines have been stripped from us due to this false sense of security we have lived in our whole lives! Big corporations have also damaged our ability to even raise a garden for more than one season if we couldn’t buy seeds. All of the garden seeds that you can buy that are “hybrids” will not produce the same crop again the next year if you save seeds from the things you grow. The “hybrid” part means that the fruits or vegetables grown from the seed are the product of cross breeding or genetic modification. If you save the seed from these hybrids and plant them the following season, the new plants will revert back to the grandparent plants or will fail to germinate at all. This is assurance to the seed companies and to those controlling our food supply that you won’t be able to plant without buying more. In the world of farming, it is actually illegal for farmers to save their own seed to plant the following year. The seed companies they buy their seed from have made it illegal! Farmers have been sued and have lost legal battles by saving their own seed. This is how tightly our food supply is regulated. It is also the way GMOs have been forced into our food which results in disease in our human bodies over the years which feeds the Main Stream Medical machine to keep the pockets of the puppet masters lined to the max. It is all interrelated and the sooner we all see this, the sooner we can do what we can to take back some of the control over our lives. Right now we have absolutely ZERO control over our lives! There are a few people who saw the writing on the wall many years ago and are living off the land in remote areas but we have been programmed to think of these people as weirdos and somehow frightening or demented. Again, we are programmed to think what the puppet masters need us to think so that they can keep us in bondage. Whew! OK, so there it is in a nutshell. We are controlled infants who cannot keep ourselves alive without all of our conveniences such as cars, electricity, city water and sewer, grocery stores, big Pharma, main stream medical, etc. When looking back just a little bit, it is shocking to me how quickly we went from American pioneers who could survive almost anything to where we are today!

So what is the big plan for the puppet masters? The grand plan is almost complete. They have us completely dependent on all the systems they put in place for us. Then they scared us to death with their illness. Then they promised to save us with their supposed cure that has proved less than effective for those who took it. Now that we are still reeling from the scare event, they are going to cut off our necessary supplies. Just when we are starving and on the brink of death, they will swoop in, have us sign over all of our rights and “SAVE” us with their government handouts. At that point we are done for. They have the power to decide when we eat, what we eat, how much we eat and what we must to in order to qualify to eat. Have you watch The Hunger Games recently? So what is the solution? We must make the move right now to learn the skills we need to survive on our own. If you are a Bible reading person, you cannot argue that we are in the last days. The book of Revelation spells it out so clearly that you cannot disagree. It clearly says that in the last days, those who wish to rule the world will force us to take the mark of the beast, which is the digital passport. If we don’t we will not be allowed to buy or sell or live life within society. Right now they are cutting off the food supply. Food shortages are coming quickly if things don’t change. If “they” make it law that you can only buy food if you have been jabbed, double jabbed, triple jabbed, whatever, you will have to follow the rules or you will perish. If you don’t wish to follow the rules, you must be prepared to make it on your own with no help from society.

We MUST make the choice to learn to survive. What is the worst thing that could happen if we learned how to sustain ourselves? If none of the bad things happen, we continue to have plenty of food and money and medicine, etc., so what? Maybe we learned that gardening is soothing to our souls. That is a win. Maybe we learn to appreciate how much better eggs taste from our own hand raised chickens. Maybe we decide we don’t want to be so dependent on outsiders to provide our food. Maybe we become more confident in our own abilities. To me all of these things are positive. If everything comes out ok, we have, at the very least, had a grand adventure! So, its time for us to dedicate ourselves to getting our hands dirty! Who is up for this challenge?

Thanks so much for being here. There is more to come!

Love to all,


We Must WAKE UP! What Are We Doing To Ourselves?

Hello friends! I feel so stupid! For the past couple of decades I considered myself “awake”. I thought I had this grand scale knowledge of the evil that is in our world. There have been times when I knew we needed to change our lifestyle, get back to nature, to be self sufficient and live in small communities. I knew there were harmful chemicals in the products we use on a daily basis but, let’s face it, change takes a lot of effort! So many times I fell off the band wagon. Now as we are going through a mass consciousness awakening over the entire planet, every day I see more and more that I didn’t see before. On a whim I looked at the ingredients in the hair spray I use almost everyday. I mean, come on! We live in a hot, humid environment! I can’t possibly have socially acceptable hair if I don’t use hairspray! Oh! There we go! More of the socially acceptable bullshit we have been programmed to believe in. Anyway, the first thing I saw was “Warning: EXTREMELY FLAMMABLE!” You know what else it says? “Misuse by deliberately inhaling the contents can be harmful OR FATAL!!!” OK – so . . . . . . who decided it would be a good idea to spray something all over our heads that has a high risk of bursting into flames? And – who thought it a good idea to spray a potentially deadly product all around our face knowing that breathing it in could cause death? That led me to do a deep dive on the other ingredients in this FDA approved product. Oh, by the way, do you know what else is FDA approved? Cigarettes. Know what else is FDA approved? Alcohol. Let all that sink in for a minute. Sorry – I am having a hard time keeping the mice running in the same direction because this is so disturbing!

Top 6 ingredients in order:

Denatured Alcohol Denatured alcohol (also called methylated spirits, in Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, and the United Kingdom; wood spirit; and denatured rectified spirit) is ethanol that has additives to make it poisonous, bad-tasting, foul-smelling, or nauseating to discourage its recreational consumption. It is sometimes dyed so that it can be identified visually. Pyridine and methanol,[1] each and together, make denatured alcohol poisonous; and denatonium makes it bitter. Wikipedia

Wow! This sounds like another great addition to the product! Now I can explode in flames or be poisoned! Great options!

Hydrofluorocarbon 152A – Hydrofluorocarbons are man-made organic compounds that contain fluorine and hydrogen atoms, and are the most common type of organofluorine compounds. Most are gases at room temperature and pressure. They are frequently used in air conditioning and as refrigerants. Wikipedia

OK – so, exactly why do I need a chemical used for refrigeration in my hair?

Propane – Propane is a three-carbon alkane with the molecular formula C₃H₈. It is a gas at standard temperature and pressure, but compressible to a transportable liquid. A by-product of natural gas processing and petroleum refining, it is commonly used as a fuel in domestic and industrial applications and in low-emissions public transportation.Wikipedia

. . . . a by product of petroleum refining? A highly flammable petroleum product? In my hair spray?

Butane – Butane or n-butane is an alkane with the formula C₄H₁₀. Butane is a gas at room temperature and atmospheric pressure. Butane is a highly flammable, colorless, easily liquefied gas that quickly vaporizes at room temperature. The name butane comes from the root but- and the suffix -ane.Wikipedia

Another highly flammable gas that we are suppose to spray in our hair? What!

Butyl Acrylate – Butyl acrylate is an organic compound with the formula C4H9O2CCH=CH2. A colorless liquid, it is the butyl ester of acrylic acid. It is used commercially on a large scale as a precursor to polybutylacrylate, which is used in paints, sealants, coatings, adhesives, fuel, textiles, plastics, and caulk.Wikipedia

A product used in paints, sealant, coatings, adhesives, fuel, textiles, plastics and caulk – sounds like the perfect thing for hair care!

Octylacrylamide / Acerylates / Butylaminoethyl – Finally! This is what fixes the hair in position and makes it resist water.

That was fun! Now let’s look at the exact directions for use of this highly flammable and potentially deadly product.

“To Use:

  1. Create your style with “this product name”
  2. Shake well. Spray in sections 10-12 inches away from hair.
  3. For stronger hold, layer more spray exactly where you want.
  4. For ultimate fullness, flip hair upside down and spray all over.”

There you have it! Just layer that stuff in there as much as possible! Don’t be shy! Girl, get in there and layer that spray! It’s all good! You will look great all day – if it doesn’t kill you!

This eye opening investigation has reinforced my unwavering belief that everything we are convinced is safe to do through any government agency is done to feed the Main Stream Medical machine. It is all done for profit for Big Pharma and to line the pockets of the puppet masters who control the world population including each and every one of us. These chemicals are not healthy. Many of them cause cancer which is the biggest money maker in all of medicine. For more thoughts on this, please go back through my posts and read “The Sicker The Better”. We are truly nothing but lab rats to them.

This has reinforced my resolve to remove the chemicals from our lives as much as humanly possible. Human life started in a garden where God provided everything – EVERYTHING – we needed to survive and thrive. From now on, my goal is to get back to the garden in all things. Natural medicine, natural hygiene products, natural foods and natural cleaning solutions. Our lives depend on it.

Thank you for being here my friends! I look forward to being with you again in the very near future.

Love to all,


We Are Deep In A Spirit-you-al War

Good Morning and welcome back! If you read my last couple of posts, you know that I am doing my best to record events that are taking place in the world today for future generations to read. Many of the concepts and truths I share will not be for everyone – and that’s OK! It’s not meant for everyone. However, there are more and more people on the planet who are looking at world events and seeing that something is just not quite right – that something seems off. If you are at this point, hopefully I can provide some thoughts and facts that will start you on your own journey of self discovery. The rabbit holes are deep and wide so you just need to jump in wherever you want. Some tips for your discovery quest – you will not be able to find what you are looking for if you use the big G as your search engine. Those who are trying to prevent you from seeing what they don’t want you to see work day and night to keep their domains “clean”. This includes YT and all the formerly popular news outlets. We are going to talk about how people learn the things they learn later in this post but for now, here are some suggestions. Start with duckduckgo for searching and rumble for viewing. OK, let’s jump right in.

If you have read the Bible or been told what it says, you should be familiar with the last book where it is foretold of the great battle at the end of days. Most of us thought this would be a great ground battle but in reality it is the great spiritual battle between good and evil. It is true that many humans will be recruited to be used as pawns for those who think that they and their children are too good to be killed, but the true war is and will continue to be fought on a spiritual level.

Right now there is a great unbalance in the world. Evil has infiltrated every single aspect of our lives to the point where we are numb to it. We don’t even recognize the evil for what it is because it is just how we have been programmed to believe the world works. There is a verse in the Bible that warns us against conforming to the ways of the world. Unfortunately, the evil ones of the world have been very very patient in their infiltration. Little be little we have conformed to the ways of the world without even knowing it! Just look at television – which tells lies to your vision. The use of profanity has ever so slowly become main stream, sex has become main stream, violence has become normal, drug use, murder, crime of all types have become main stream. Ever so slowly, “they” have desensitized us to the point where we are able to watch the most horrific things imaginable while calmly eating popcorn and drinking health killing soda! This is wrong! Balance must be restored or the entire house of cards is going to come tumbling down.

Balance is a very important concept in all areas of life. Those of you who are familiar with the Star Wars movies know that balance in the universe is the key to all things. The symbol of Yin and Yang shows that balance is needed in all things. The scales of Justice must be balanced for Justice to prevail. Will we ever be able to defeat evil and banish it from the earth? I don’t believe so. Even the book of Revelation says that the evil one will be cast in the abyss for a 1000 years when it will once again appear on the earth plane. My goal is to make it to those 1000 years of peace before evil rises up again but that remains to be seen. If we are not able to defeat the forces of evil to the point where balance is restored, there may not be a future of any kind for the humans. As much as there is wrong with the Bible, there is also much that is right. I pray everyday that the outcome as foretold in the book of Revelation does in fact play out and good is victorious. Belief that it is true is what keeps me fighting this battle everyday.

So what happened that allowed evil to gain such a huge swing of the pendulum? The answer is we allowed it to happen because we have been distracted and wrapped up in our own little worlds where we have tried desperately to keep up with the Jones, to have all the material things that the television tells us we need, to keep up with the insanity of changing fashion trends, to let our medical system make us sick so they can in turn “heal” us, and on and on and on! We have become fully engulfed by the world which is exactly what we were warned about! Just for a moment, I ask you to completely clear your mind of all preconceived notions about some things. Let’s look at our hygiene routines such as shaving. Who decided that women should remove every single hair from their bodies with the exception of a very fine line of hairs above our eyes and those hairs on our heads? Have you seen pictures of the hairless dogs? They look like freaks! Next let’s look at women’s shoes. Who thought is was a good idea to squeeze our feet into ridiculously narrow and unnaturally pointed shoes and then prop the shoe and thus the wearer up on a four inch spike the width of a pencil? If you clear your mind of all your preconceived ideas, does this concept even make sense? Why would anyone do this? Believe me, I was in the business world for decades and partook of these customs on a daily basis. It has only been in more recent years that it occurred to me that these trends were downright stupid! We look back at ancient Chinese culture where women’s feet were broken and bound the point where they were unable to walk. Why? Because tiny feet were supposedly a sign of upper class or royalty. We look at this as horrible atrocities and abuses against women. If you look at the shape of a woman’s foot in a stiletto heel, is the shape that much removed from traditional foot binding? Is the concept that much different? Next consider the attire of women and men on news stations on the television. Men are wearing long sleeved shirts buttoned all the way up to their throats, suit coats over the long sleeved shirts, long pants that cover every part of the man’s lower body, socks and beautifully crafted, flat souled leather shoes. They are literally covered from head to toe. Then look at what the women are expected to wear. They wear short dresses that usually have short sleeves or are sleeveless that conform to the woman’s body like a glove. Every single inch of their body is showing that is legal to show on air. Then there are those shoes again! Why is it like this? Because we have been programmed that this is what is acceptable! IF you think about this with an open mind, does it seem right to you? But this is what has happened in ALL areas of our lives!

Next let’s look at the family structure. Again we have allowed the balance to be destroyed. There was balance between the husband’s expected roles and the wife’s expected roles. There was balance in the home. Now there is no balance. Both parents go out in the world to work at jobs that rob them of their time and their energy and they turn the raising of the children over to institutions! WHAT!!! How did this happen? Again, we have been programmed that in order to be acceptable, we need to have enormous homes, expensive cars, all the finest toys, all the latest fashion trends, etc. In order to afford all the things the media tells us we need, we all have to work. They have also told us that staying home to raise the children is degrading to women and deprives them of using their own talents. What is the end game? It is the children. The earlier they can get the children into institutional settings, the sooner they can start programming them. If the children are programmed from birth, then all the generations after are preprogrammed as to what society expects of them. The final nail in the coffin? Because we are so busy working our energy draining jobs, we are too tired and too trusting to even look at what our children are being programmed to believe. We are doing the job of the evil ones ourselves to our very own children who will then do it to their children so all the evil ones have to do is keep introducing a little bit more depravity year after year after year. It’s all about what we are programmed to believe. I am absolutely sure the evil ones are laughing their asses off watching women parade around shaved naked in sausage dresses perched up on spikes with a full covering of make up on their faces to make them look “acceptable”. This reminds me so much of the women who lived in the capital in the Hunger Games movies. Have you watched those movies lately? It might be a good idea to see what is coming our way.

Thanks for being here. As depressing as it all looks when you finally decide to look at it, we are told that good wins in the end. We will get there, but to get where we are going, we have to know exactly where we are right now.



What The Hell Just Happened – Part 1

As I stated in the post from yesterday, I am recording the history of what has happened to the human population of the world. As I also stated, the true account will sound so far fetched that most will just laugh it off because it seems beyond the scope of what could possibly be real. Buckle up Buttercup! Truth is stranger than fiction.

So, in the beginning, there was a great King – or the all powerful God. God had two sons. The King saw that their planet was running short of resources and the planet named Earth was rich in these resources. He sent his son to the planet to colonize it so that the resources could be harvested. The son’s name was Enlil. The brother’s name was Enki. Enlil did his job. He took others from his home planet with him so that they could harvest the resources. In the beginning all was well until the others on the planet became disenchanted with having to do the work. To fix the problem, Enlil took the most promising animals on the planet, spliced their DNA with the god-like DNA from the people on the planet to create mankind. These humans were then going to be the slave race who would work tirelessly for Enlil to harvest the resources. Enlil put the new humans in a paradise type setting so that they would thrive and create a huge workforce. Enki saw what Enlil had done and thought it despicable. Enki liked the new humans and wanted them to become great in their own right. Thus we have the plot for the Garden of Eden. The new humans had all the god-like qualities of the god-people available to them which made Enlil uneasy. To keep their powers, the humans only had to eat the quality, natural foods available to them from certain plants in the garden. To keep them from doing this, he forbade them from eating the foods with the threat that to do so would result in their deaths. Instilling fear was the greatest weapon the god-ones could do to the humans. And it worked! Until one day it didn’t. Enki visited the humans and told them that to eat the fruit would make them like the god-people so the new humans ate it. This enraged Enlil so he punished his brother – who was actually trying to help the humans – by turning him into a snake and convincing the humans that Enki was evil beyond measure. To make sure the humans would never eat the special food again, he kicked them out of the paradise and caused them to live among the others. He destroyed their ability to get the good food.

Despite his efforts, the humans grew in strength. In time it was determined that the humans needed rulers to rule over them to control every aspect of their lives. The ruling class was made up of the others from the god-planet. They had a specific bloodline that made them superior to the humans who were denied access to the god-foods. This is the beginning of the ruling class that is still in power today. Every ruler on the planet from these beginning days until now had the bloodline and were actually called “BlueBloods”. Have you ever wondered where that term originated and what made these so called BlueBloods think they were so far superior to the humans? Here is your answer.

The humans progressed despite the best efforts of Enlil because along the way, the god-rulers mated with the humans so the great powers were passed along. Over time, great civilizations rose and great knowledge was gathered. The humans thought it important to write all the knowledge down and create vast libraries of knowledge such as the Great Library of Alexandria. The ruling class decided they had to put an end to this and had to separate the people so that all the great knowledge would be lost. The Library of Alexandria was destroyed – some believe this library was housed in the Tower of Babel. The tower was destroyed and the god-rulers messed with the DNA again so that the people could not communicate with each other. The progression of humanity was stopped.

Again the humans began their climb to god-like status and began to populate the earth in great numbers. Again the god-rulers felt threatened by the humans. They decided they had to completely eliminate the humans from the planet so that all would be lost. Then they could start over from the ground up. Cue the great flood. The only humans allowed to survive was one small family group. The reason they were allowed to survive is so that before the flood, they could gather DNA samples from all the lifeforms on the planet. With all the DNA samples, they would be able to reproduce all the bounties of the earth once the waters receded. The god-rulers helped with the gathering. Having the humans onboard to do the work once the ground was dry again made their work easier.

I know that right about now, all the Bible readers and followers are screaming in rage! We will address all of this in a later episode. For now, let’s just say this is a work of fiction and I have the creative license to tell the story the way I want to. OK, so the flood ends and humanity starts over again from the ground up. The humans did the job they were created to do for many thousands of years under the thumb of the god-rulers. Slavery of all kind was used to keep the humans in line.

Let’s jump ahead to the first inkling of a Great Awakening. Cue the arrival of Jesus, Buddha, the creators of the Tao Te Ching and other great visionaries that all arrived on the planet around the same time. These great saviors started teaching the people the great secrets. The god-rulers couldn’t allow this to happen so they executed all the great seers. These great seers were actually divine in nature. They were sent here from the descendants of Enki to awaken the people to what was going on. This begins the great battle between good and evil.

Now let’s talk about the most powerful tool the god-rulers had available to them – money. They made the humans work to earn small amounts of money so that the humans could then buy land, houses, farm animals, transportation devises, etc. from the ruling class. There is an old song “Pay My Soul to the Company Store.” The god-rulers created all the things the humans needed, made them work for them and then forced them to give back their wages to get the things they needed to live. So, if you think about it, the humans were harvesting the resources for the god-rulers and then being forced to beg the god-rulers to let them live. The god-rulers became richer and richer and richer while the humans barely survived. Fast forward to today. Their system is still in place and robbing us blind at every turn. They still use the element of fear to control us and make whatever rules they want to dominate us.

Their greed is unending. They want more and more from the humans no matter how much wealth they have. They started looking for more and more ways to exploit us. They determined the most powerful tools they could use against us were our health, our wealth and our food. If they controlled these things, they would control us until the end of time.

The humans gained a vast reservoir of knowledge about the plants on the earth and their ability to heal the human body. With the plants of the earth, the humans could remain healthy and strong. The god-rulers decided to put an end to plant based medicine and put in place a system of health that they could profit from. They made plant based medicine an evil concept in the minds of the humans, made it seem foolish to treat illness with plants and even made plant based medicine illegal. This forced the humans into using the god-rulers form of medicine and forced the humans to pay for it. As time went along, the god-rulers thought it was hysterical to make the humans sicker and sicker and then devise ways to treat the humans that took vast amounts of time and money and actually tortured the humans in the process of making them well. Making them well was just another joke to them. These tortuous treatments gave the humans hope that they would get well again so the humans jumped through all the hoops required by the medical system. The medical system would then give them a huge dose of hope by telling them they were cured. Then they lowered the hammer when the illness came back again stronger than ever. They again put the human through long bouts of treatments that were painful and expensive to the humans just so they could stretch out the death process. In the end, the illness – or the treatment – would kill the humans. During this stretched out process, the medical establishment just collected more and more money from the doomed humans. The god-rulers just got richer and richer while the humans continued to suffer.

To make things even worse for the humans, the god-rulers decided to put things in the human’s food as well as the products the humans were convinced they needed to use for hygiene and pleasure. The food and the products caused the devastating illnesses to happen to the people so that the people would be forced into the medical establishment for the gain of the god-rulers. The people were so brainwashed that they would never believe that the god-rulers had anything to do with the rising rates of these illnesses. The humans were trusting creatures who still to this day don’t believe any of this craziness can possibly be true.

The humans made an attempt to break free of the god-rulers when they were sent to the new world to colonize America. The new Americans revolted against the ruling class and gained their independence. For the past couple of centuries, we Americans have considered ourselves free people. What we are just now learning is that the god-rulers blackmailed the new leaders of the New World and forced them to sell out the original US Constitution – the very document that gave us our freedom. The god-rulers corrupted the Constitution and illegally replaced it with an altered document.

The humans didn’t know about this until recently. Repeatedly we have been sold out to the god-rulers over a long time so that we didn’t even see it happening. Now, we are realizing that it happened. None of us would have seen it yet if it were not for the intervention of a new American President who shined light on the corruption. Since his appearance on the scene, the ruling class has been trying desperately to get rid of him. Because he is here as a divine interventionist, their efforts have failed. Because of him, the light is shining on the corruption and he is exposing it so the people cans see it. This movement is called the Great Awakening. It all started in 2012 with the Great Convergence. Now more and more people are seeing what has happened over the course of time. The people are regaining their power and are working day and night to crash the corruption. It is taking a very long time. It is not easy to rip out a deep root of evil that has been growing for thousands of years but little by little we are doing it. The end of evil is within sight. When the evil falls once and for all, the New Earth will become our world. Peace and freedom will reign worldwide and we will find the happiness we never even knew was possible.

This is the thumbnail account of what has happened. I told you truth is stranger than fiction. About now you are probably thinking there is no way any of this is true. I challenge you to come back day after day and allow me to challenge your thinking by giving you proofs that you can research yourselves. If you are brave enough to actually look at what the hell just happened, you will join the rest of us in the Great Awakening.

Thanks for being here. I look forward to being with you again tomorrow.

A Call to All Humans – We Cannot Continue To Live In FEAR!!! We MUST Free Ourselves!

I have been receiving divine downloads at a fast and furious pace lately – and it all seems to stem back to the topic of fear. The message that keeps coming in is that we must learn to live in love and not fear. We have to let go of the fear if we ever want to be able to live as free and sovereign beings.

So what are we afraid of and why are we so afraid? I hate to break it to you but we are programmed from before we are even born to be afraid – most powerfully, to be afraid of death. We will do almost anything to avoid dying. As I examine life more and more, I am unable to fathom why we fear leaving this realm. Anyway, back to the point. Because we have such an innate fear of death, we are very easily controlled and ruled over due to this fear.

So who is causing this fear? The very small handful of bloodlines who consider themselves the ruling class are the ones who instigate the fear. We can go into the bloodlines in more detail later if anyone is interested. This handful of people have the desire to conquer and rule the entire world, to make us even more of a slave class than we already are and to have complete world domination. The way they do that is to select a class of people just below them to start spreading the fear. This puppet class then tells the media what to push out in front of us in a non-stop stream of fear provoking stories and images. ALL of the media corporations are owned and controlled by 3 different mega companies who are owned by the ruling class. We never see and rarely hear about the people in the ruling class because they don’t want to be seen. They want to hide behind the curtain and let their puppets do their work. And we fall for it!!! We fall for it hook, line and sinker! We are so afraid of death that we follow their fabricated medical system and buy into their pharmaceutical products without ever questioning them!! If the “doctor” tells us we need to take a drug to save our lives, we run – we don’t walk, we run to the pharmacy to get the drug and we take it without doing any investigation.

The Moto of the medical field is “A patient cured is a customer lost.” They want us to be as sick as possible. The sicker the better is what they want for us. They keep us alive but they keep us sick so we are trapped within the matrix of main stream medical.

They do the same thing through the governments of the world which they control all of with the exception of a small segment of the US government. They install leaders by whatever means are necessary so that they can push forward their wishes for humanity. They put forward tales of deadly illnesses, they put forth rumors of wars, they actually start wars just to ramp up the fear we live under every single day!

We are conditioned to work for them. Our schools are set up to condition our children from pre-school age to college graduation to teach children to sit quietly at desks, to raise your hand if you want to talk, to line up to go anywhere, to follow directions because if you don’t you will be punished!! Do you see it at all? Is there a light shining somewhere in your mind that sees this? Our public schools were designed to educate children to become factory workers, to work on assembly lines and to work by the clock because they needed workers in the factories of the modern industrial revolution. Even though we have now advanced into the Information Age, our children are still processed like little rule following robots. It is incredibly sad that we fell into this trap. We will talk much more about the education system at a later date. For now, I am just showing how we are programmed from birth to be afraid. We are taught that any action outside the very rigid lines of the rules will result in punishment. We punish at home, we punish at school, we literally beat our children into submission! What is wrong with us! But this is how the parents were raised. This is the objective! The ruling class needs a population of rule followers and a population that will do whatever is asked to avoid punishment. We have made ourselves their slaves and we then train the next generation to be slaves. They don’t even have to do the work! We do it for them!

So that is how they force us to feel constant fear. They show us all the things to be fearful of without ever showing us the things we could be happy about. They make laws to constrict us and we never question the laws because if we don’t follow them, what will happen? We will be punished! We work our asses off at jobs we don’t particularly like so they can take a huge chunk out in taxes to fund their governments who do whatever they want to do worldwide. We don’t get a choice as to how they spend our money, we just work like good like soldiers so we can pay an ever increasing amount of taxes to fund their empires. We don’t question paying taxes because what will happen if we don’t pay them? We will be punished! Fear, fear, fear! That is how we live. That is how they control us. That is how they imprison us and it is time to break free from that prison once and for all. Is it going to be easy? No. Is it going to be scary? Yes. Will people die? Possibly. Will it be worth it? Absolutely!

Thanks for being here. I look forward to being back tomorrow when I will let you in on the massive experiment I am undertaking. It is going to get real!



Phones Down, Heads Up, Eyes Wide Open

Good Morning friends and future friends! This has come into my soul over the past few days so strongly that I feel I have to record it. Because of what is going on around the world, I have become aware of how vast and deep the control factor is and has been for as long as I have been alive. Because it is something that we were born into and because it has progressively become worse and worse ever so gradually, we have not been able to see it. Now, I have become awake to the system as have millions of other souls here on planet earth. We truly have been slaves for hundreds, probably thousands, of years. Now, looking at every single aspect of our lives, I see clearly how many rules and procedures are in place to make sure we mere humans learn from birth to follow the rules, obey those we see as leaders and accept any and all limitations they put on us without question.

With the push for western medicine that started in 1913, the question of which came first, the chicken or the eggs comes to mind. Let’s just jump in somewhere so we can look at it. Before a child is born, the programming begins. The VAST majority of parents today would never ever consider going through a pregnancy without being lead by the hand by a “doctor”. Most would never ever consider giving birth outside of a hospital. Most would never ever consider raising a child without frequent “well child” checks. Most would never question that they have to produce a record of shots given to their child to go to school. As a result, our children grow up thinking that doctors are gods of some sort that must be listen to and followed without question. So the cycle is established and followed by the masses without question in a never ending assembly line. OMG!!! I gave up western medicine 5 years ago except in the case of life threatening trauma. Natural medicine was in place for tens of thousands of years until those who decided to enslave the people made it their goal to take over the world of medicine. If these self appointed gods can’t make profits from the ills of humanity, they will do everything in their power to eliminate the competition. Natural cures are now even made illegal because they can’t profit from something available from nature.

Beyond medicine, look at all the regulations put in place “for our own protection”. Most neighborhoods have lists of rules about how you can live in your own home. You can’t paint your home any color except those the housing gods have approved. You can’t change anything inside the home without using one of their approved contractors. You can’t park your cars in your own driveway if it doesn’t have their approval. Even though you own your home and pay taxes on the property every year, others are in charge of how you live in that home and what you do with that home. This all done to “protect home values”. Really? Or is it really just another way to program us to follow the rules and be good little pawns.

And then there are all the laws about the products and equipment we use. Every single aspect of our lives are regulated by the gods’ rules. We just blindly follow the rules without question. We are not able to use the baby bed past down to us by our parents for our own children because the bars are not exactly the right distance apart. It is illegal! We are not allowed to transport our children in a vehicle without following the god’s rules as to exactly how we do it. We are not allowed to have cars that are not equipped with the exact equipment the god’s tell us have to be in place. We have to register with the government at the time of birth so that they can issue us a number that we have to have in order to live our lives. We never ever think about not registering new born babies so that they can have the required birth certificate. We blindly sign our kids up with the government so they can have a social security number. Without that number, the child will not be allowed to live his or her own life.

We work at jobs to earn money to survive. Out of every paycheck, the gods collect their payment without us ever questioning it. We give up 1/3 of everything we earn to support the control the gods have over us. If our taxes were truly going to support a government that supported us over all else, it would be one thing but we have no idea where our money is going. We just blindly hand it over every single paycheck. The vast majority of our money is not going to serve we the people. It is going to the pockets of our jailers. They are rich beyond measure while we toil and struggle every day to make sure they are well paid.

Everyone who drives a car has to register that car every year for most. We have to have a license plate with a current registration marker on it or we can be arrested. Why? Why do we have to register our cars? So that the gods can have yet another way of tracking us? To make sure that we update our information with them in yet another way every year? If a police officer pulls up our license plate number, they instantly have all of our personal data at their finger tips. Have you thought about this? If an employer asks for your driver’s license number, they have access to all of our driving records for the past 20 or more years. Is this really any business of a potential employer? Why do we so readily provide all of this data to so many different people. Do you see the pattern of enslavement? When we do get the job, we have to provide our government registration numbers so that again, the government gods can track where we work, how much we work, how much we earn and how much they can take from us. Is this really any business of the government gods?

Now our banking is being tracked like never before. The banking gods have made it so convenient for us to carry little plastic cards with us that are tied directly to our bank accounts. Therefore, every single time we make a purchase, the banking gods and the government gods can track us. They know what we are buying, where we are buying it, how often we are buying it, etc. Is it really any of their business how much bread and milk we buy? Then, if we attempt to make a purchase they find outside our usual habits, they have the power to shut down our ability to make that purchase. Our cards can be locked in half a hot second. They say this is to protect us from fraud and I am sure this is the case to some degree, however, most of the time it is not. So, if our cards are so susceptible to fraud, why don’t they fix the system? Because, as long as they convince us they are looking out for our best interest, they can continue to track our every move. It’s insane!!

Let’s look at the insurance gods, starting with medical insurance. How is it even possible that an insurance company has the right to dictate to us and to our doctors what medical procedures we are allowed to have? For example, a hip replacement surgery will fix hip pain coming from a deteriorating hip joint that naturally comes with wear and tear and age. Hip pain usually starts 5 years before the insurance company will allow you to have a hip replacement surgery. Over the course of that 5 years, doctors will tell you to take more and more pain medication so that you can still participate in life. The pain continues to limit our ability to move about so the person will naturally take a seat on the sofa and turn on the television or computer. For five years, they become more and more sedentary to the point their health has deteriorated on all fronts. Then they will allow you to have the surgery. So, instead of taking a 60 year old, healthy, active person and doing the surgery in the beginning, they choose to take a 65 year old person who has been sitting for 5 years, had gained a lot of weight and has had muscle and general health decrease for the entire time. Which person would have the better surgery result? I think it is clear to see! I personally had this happen to me. The doctor informed me that my pain was from a deteriorating joint but I wouldn’t qualify for surgery until the joint was bone on bone because the insurance company would not approve it. When I asked if there was anything I could do to improve the joint, I was informed that there was nothing that could be done to reverse it and it would continue to get worse over time. Take as much liver and kidney damaging pain relievers as possible to relieve the pain and go sit down for a few years. Then we will talk again. Unbelievable!!

The saddest part of all of this is that we have just allowed it to happen to us without even questioning it. In many cases, we have been thankful that they are watching out for us. I am calling BS on all of it!! It is time to get out of prison and find our souls again.

This is nothing new. If we look back to biblical times, we see one group of people enslaving another group of people so the slaves could do all the work for the ruling gods. Who gave the ruling gods these positions of power? How have the ruling families around the world been in power for so long and who put them there in the first place? Who is controlling this matrix and how do we get out? I have done a lot of research and know some answers, but the ruling gods will not give up the slaves without a fight. We are in the fight right now. What we don’t see is that this is a spiritual war being fought in the spiritual realm. We that are here on the ground don’t realize we are in a war because nothing is getting blown up. The blow up will come and it is coming soon! Let’s pray we win and are set free from this horrible matrix once and for all.

Thanks for being here. Please like, subscribe and share so that we can get the message out to all who are still sleeping. This is the Great Awakening and we are the soldiers in this war.