Contentment Comes to the Calm

Let me start by saying that I for sure don’t have all the answers!  By my very nature I am high-strung, anxiety ridden and driven – quite the opposite of calm!  However, I have also always been a student of the great wisdom teachers both ancient and contemporary.  All of the wisdom texts tell us to be still.


There was a time not too many years ago when I was diagnosed with high blood pressure.  Imagine that!!! Hard to believe – I know – but its true.  For a couple of years I was on blood pressure medicine which corrected the symptoms and I didn’t think about it too much.  Then started all the TV ads for lawsuits against this medication and that medical procedure.  These were all medications and treatments that had been deemed safe by the powers that be.  Now we were finding out that they were not safe.  People were suffering long-term and even deadly effects from these “safe” medical practices.  It made me wonder – is this blood pressure medicine really safe?  It probably was but it made me wonder again – is it solving my blood pressure problem or just lowering my blood pressure?  I decided to do an experiment.  I had a routine appointment scheduled with my doctor to check my blood pressure in about 30 days.  I decided to see if I could solve the problem without medication.  (Please don’t do this on your own for any medical condition.  Always consult your doctor before changing any medical routine.).  Being who I am I obviously had to set goals.  I would spend the first 10 days researching ways to reduce blood pressure naturally while weaning myself off of the medication.  I would spend the next ten days putting into practice what I had learned from my research.  During the final 10 days I would take my blood pressure 3 times every day, record the results and record what I was doing at the time of the reading.  I would then present my data to the doctor and plead my case that I didn’t need the medication anymore.  If I couldn’t get the numbers down and if my plan didn’t work, I would gladly stay on the medication because I would have proved to myself that it was best for my health.


During my research phase, it seemed like every single thing I read exalted the practice of meditation for reducing blood pressure.  Of course I thought meditation was so weird thing where I would be in some sort of trance and see visions of who knows what.  That seemed a little out there for me but, what the heck, lets give it a go!  So the first part of learning to meditate is learning to quiet the mind – kind of like resting a muscle after over exerting it for a long period of time.  With all the thoughts and activities going on in my brain, I was definitely over exerting it!  That part made sense.  I just needed to give my mind a few minutes of quiet rest every day.  That would, in turn, relax my whole being, reduce my stress and anxiety and lower my blood pressure.  Perfect!!!  That was the goal.  I would sit on a cushion in a quiet place and relax my mind.  Then my blood pressure would drop to normal and I would be good to go!  OK!  Let’s meditate!


Well!  That was the first time that I realized that I had a three-ring circus on steroids going on in my head!!!  The books said to just watch the thoughts come and go in your mind and then release them into nothingness.  Just observe them passively instead of interacting with them.  So I did that!  I started to notice all the thoughts going on in there and observe them.  Let me tell you – that first day it looked like an L.A. freeway during rush hour with a wild-fire evacuation order in effect in my mind!!!  Good Heavens!  There were thoughts and feelings crashing around in there like a room full of toddlers with ADHD!  No wonder I was so stressed!  So this was my starting place.  It took a few weeks of trying to relax my mind every day to get to the point where I could let it all go for a few minutes each day.  And you know what!  It worked.  I started feeling calmer and more relaxed.  I did it for 20 days in a row before I started taking my blood pressure readings.  By the time I went to the doctor, I had a chart with normal readings most of the time.  It wasn’t perfect, but it was better.  I told her what I had been doing and she gave me her blessing to stay off the medication as long as I continued to monitor it at home.  I also had to promise that if it could no longer be managed I would need to reconsider the medication.


That was a couple of years ago.  It seems to me that I have fallen off the relaxation wagon.  I haven’t taken my blood pressure in a very long time.  I will report on what my numbers are currently when I join you again on Friday.  I have a feeling I might have some work to do.  Maybe it is time to get back into a better place.   Maybe all this mountain climbing I have been doing and now the deep desire to get off the mountain are wake up calls to get back to a place of peace.  Maybe I need to relearn how to be peaceful and happy where I am while taking steps to get to where I want to be next.  Would you like to take this journey with me?  Hit the Subscribe button so we can do this together!


God Doesn’t Need My Help!

I received a comment on yesterday’s post that kinda made me stop for just a minute.  The comment was that maybe, for whatever reason, the timing is just not right for The Love of My Life and I to make such a drastic change and God is telling us to wait.


That made me think of several different things such as the old saying “be careful what you pray for because you might just get it!” and also Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 “there is a time for everything and a season for everything.”


Maybe my reader has a divinely valid point.  We have both prayed so hard, for so long that the changes we are seeking will come to be.  God is well aware of what we think we want.   We don’t have to keep making our wishes known over and over and over.  The stress and anxiety of pushing for our goals so hard is overwhelming!  Maybe it is time to relax, enjoy, be grateful and cherish today!  Maybe we don’t have to MAKE things happen.  Instead maybe we just need to LET things happen.  All the players and pieces are in place.  Maybe its OK to just let things work themselves out.  Maybe its OK to let everyone do what they are suppose to be doing without our interference.


It feels so good to just relax today!  Where we are right now is actually really comfortable!  We have a nice home with all the modern conveniences, the businesses are providing a very adequate income, all of our bills are paid, we drive newer vehicles, we have plenty of food in the pantry, we are healthy, our kids are all doing well right now, we get to see both of our moms and our grandson frequently and I actually love running a thriving bridal shop!  So what do I have to complain about?


If I am getting a little tired, there is nothing that says I can’t start taking a few days off here and there.  I have an amazing staff in place who can run things with their eyes closed.  Maybe I don’t have to get to work an hour before anyone else gets there.  Maybe I don’t have to get up at 2:00 a.m. to answer Facebook messages to the shop.  Maybe its OK to not answer business emails before my first cup of coffee.  Maybe I just need to stop making my own life so hard!!!  Maybe I just need to get out of my own way!


With this new mindset I was able to sleep in this morning!  I was able to come to work without the weight of the world on my shoulders.  I made a To Do List for myself and the staff and we  got it all done!  And it was easy!  Somewhere along the way I forgot to enjoy what I love doing and made it all too difficult!  I am so grateful for the bounty of blessings we all experience each and every day!


Maybe I’ll just let God work out the details and I’ll take time to enjoy the ride.  I want to thank my valued reader for the words of wisdom and I want to share them with all of you.  Are there things in your life that just don’t seem to be working out?  Are your struggles weighing you down and wearing you our to your very core?  Maybe its OK to give yourself permission to just turn it over to your higher power and  relax a little bit.  If worrying and stressing won’t change it, then let it go!  Today might be our last day on this earth.  Maybe we should take the time to enjoy it!

Getting Older Is Just Plain Weird!

As I enter my late 50’s I am continually amazed at just how weird this stage of life is!  Up to this point my life has been totally focused on climbing that mountain.  You know the one – get through high school with a list of achievements and good grades, get through college with a list of accomplishments and good grades, get a job, get married, have children, pour myself into raising those children to the best of my ability, get those kids almost launched, start over with a new baby (ok so maybe most don’t start over with a new baby when in their 40’s but it sounded like fun at the time), get the older kids out on their own, start and build a flourishing business, work hard, work hard, work hard.  Then all the sudden there came a day when I realized just how tired I was – and still am.  All the sudden it seemed like my goals changed.  Climbing that mountain suddenly didn’t seem so important.  What seemed more important was to turn around, sit down on the mountain and admire the view from exactly where I was.  Have you been there?  Are you getting there yourself?  Isn’t this a weird place to be?


So here I am sitting on my mountain admiring the view when something else weird happens  I rested for just a minute and felt satisfaction from the climb I had achieved.  Then I suddenly realized that all I wanted was to get off that mountain!  I wanted to get my feet back on level ground.  WHAT!!!  Stop climbing!  How could that be!  I was that driven, goal oriented over achiever my whole life.  What was this feeling of just wanting to be done?  More importantly, how was I going to get off this mountain?  The LOML and I decided we were both at the same point at the same point.  Together we decided we just wanted to sell our businesses and move to a place where we could just be.  Oh how glorious it was going to be!  We would just sell our businesses, buildings and home, pack up and move to sunny weather where we could drink fruity cocktails on the lanai!  Ok!  Let’s make that happen!  Right now!  Ready Set Go!  And we came to a screeching halt!  It’s just not that easy to sell a business!  For months now we have been living in the balance.  Wanting so badly to have the businesses sold while still having to grow the businesses so they will maintain or increase in value for a potential buyer.  But I don’t want to build it anymore!  But I have to.  I have to keep going even though going further up the mountain is exactly the opposite of where I want to go!  Potential buyers come in and are very interested.  Talks go on for weeks.  Then buyers decide to walk away for awhile to think about it.  We have been through this twice now.  We get so excited that the long awaited offer is imminent just to be disappointed repeatedly.  This is so new for me!  I have never before in my life wanted something so badly and not been able to make it happen!  Is any of this familiar to anyone else at this stage of life?  The only thing that keeps me going is knowing that one day, the offer will come, everything will fall into divine order and magic will happen.    That is the dream that keeps me on this mountain for just a little bit longer.


Any other mountain climbers out there who have suddenly realized that getting back to the base camp is more important than reaching the summit?  How are you getting off your mountain?  I would love to hear about it!


Fear is a Scary Thing!

Hello Fellow Dreamers!  It seems like just yesterday that I took those first tentative steps into putting our hopes and dreams in print.  In reality it has been 10 months!  When I first started writing last April, I was afraid.  I was afraid to put in writing what The Love of My Life and I were thinking about.  I was afraid it would never come true.  I mean who were we to think that we could actually slow down the frantic pace at which we live our lives and enjoy the bounties of this awesome life?  The only way to be a success in life is to work as hard as possible until your body or your soul gives out, right?  That’s what I had always heard.  So that is what I believe(d).  I am still struggling to change that core belief but I am getting closer.  TLOML and I have worked – HARD – our whole lives!  Its kinda what we do.  It seems like we have had some sort of awakening over the past year or so.  We realized that we are simply living to work.  We are not working to live.  We are not enjoying each other, we are not enjoying our home, we are not enjoying our lives!  We are simply working!  We have accumulated assets – not a great fortune, but some numbers on paper.  The problem is, we can’t enjoy the fruits of our labors because we have to work!  What would happen if we stopped working or at least slowed down the frantic pace?  Well, I was afraid of that as well.


I was afraid that people would judge us for wanting to retire before we reached 60.  I was afraid that family would react negatively if we told them we wanted to move far away.  Then I started thinking about how few of our loved ones we actually see face to face during a year.  Mostly we keep up these relationships through social media or over the phone.  We can do those same things from anywhere in the world.  After facing these fears and really hashing them out together we have come to realize that the people we care most deeply about will be the ones who will come to visit us in our new tropical location.  It won’t be a couple of hours on a calendar designated holiday where chaos is sure to ensue, but an actual visit lasting many days – in a quiet location where work is far away!  That sounds way better to us!



I was afraid that if our clients and Facebook base found out we were thinking of selling the businesses, they would stop coming.  I was so afraid of this result that I practically tied our Broker’s hands when we asked him to sell it.  I wanted him to sell it but I didn’t want him to tell anyone who was selling or what we were selling.  That didn’t work very well.  So now it is more common knowledge that we are thinking of selling.  Most people don’t believe us when we tell them.  Our business has not suffered in any way at all and continues to grow each month.  I was afraid my staff would all jump ship if they found out we wanted to sell.  You know what actually happened when I told my staff that we were taking action to sell the business?  They all laughed at me and started talking about the next item on the meeting agenda.  Hmm – that wasn’t so bad.  So, the burden of fear made our progress painfully slow in the beginning.



I’m not saying we have completely conquered all of our fears but I will say that we have come a long way.  This is important when thinking about our ability to manifest our desires into our lives.  It is one thing to tell the universe exactly what we want and when we want it, but if we don’t believe it can happen or if we are secretly terrified of it becoming a reality, the universe will most likely not bring it to pass.  Even though our progress thus far has been so excruciatingly slow and painful, I think it has been useful.  Had everything fallen neatly into place right from the very first, we may have freaked out!  We may have been so overwhelmed that we may have regretted our decision.  With us having some time, we have been able to clear out a bunch of the stuff we have accumulated that we don’t want to clutter up our lives with anymore.  We have had time to think out the logistics of making a cross country move.  We have narrowed down exactly where we want to land within our dream area.  We have figured out what kind of property we will be happiest with.  We have become so much less fearful of taking such a drastic leap that now I feel like we are much more prepared.  We are ready to let go – to let go of what we have been attached to and to let go of the fear that has held us prisoner.

Is fear holding you back from something?  I would love to hear what you are afraid of.  Please leave comments below.  Let’s talk about it!



All Lanais are not the Same

The Love of my Life and I – along with the mother-in-law and our teenage son – just got back from a week in the sun where we spent many delicious hours on someone else’s lanai.  We rented a vacation home in our favorite tropical place on a large body of open water.   The views were spectacular; however, the lanai  was not what I dream of.  It was actually a semi closed room with three banks of sliding glass doors that opened the space onto the pool deck.  The pool was large and wonderful but the pool deck was small so the space felt tight.  Don’t get me wrong, I was and am extremely grateful that we had such an opportunity!  It was wonderful!  It did make me think more clearly about what I want our lanai to look like.  One of the recurring themes in the “make your dreams come true” books I read is that you must be absolutely clear on what it is you want to draw into your life.  The more specific you are, the more likely you are to receive what you are intent on.  Setting a definite intention is the starting point.

So, what EXACTLY do I want in a lanai?  Oh, the vision in my head is truly spectacular!  I want a more modern, rectangular shape pool complete with a sun deck, entry stairs and a raised hot tub that flows over into the pool to heat it.

This one is pretty much perfect!  Oh! And the pool cage is a must!  Something about it just makes it feel so protected and a bit isolated while still giving you those fabulous views.  I also want an outdoor shower!  With lush, tropical plants all around so I can feel like I am showering in the rain forest.  Doesn’t that sound so exotic and wonderful!!

Something like this would work just perfectly!  Why an outdoor shower?  Oh, I don’t know!  We have never been in an environment where we could spend more time outside than in so I want to truly spend as much time outside as humanly possible!  We don’t want to cook inside either!  An outdoor kitchen is really. high on our list!

These are giving the idea of what we are looking for!  A covered L shaped kitchen with a breakfast bar and stools!  I do love the idea of having actually built in as part of the pool! How cool is that!!  There are only three other things I want: an area for yoga and meditation, comfortable living room type furnishings and lots of tropical vegetation.  Those things will complete the whole picture!  Can you see it now!  I can!

This is the lanai I am dreaming of.  This would be the place beyond my wildest dreams.  Now you can see my vision.  What are you dreaming of?  Remember, getting a clear picture in your mind of EXACTLY what you want is the first step in making it become a reality.  Please share the vision of what you want!  I would love to share in your journey.

My Heart’s Desire

Greetings fellow dreamers.  Here’s to hoping we can all find the path to our heart’s desire.  My heart’s desire is to have a lanai – an outdoor oasis in a tropical location where the love of my life and I can bask in the glories of the rising and setting sun each day.  A place where I can write and pursue my passions, where we can prepare fresh, healthy foods and in general spend our years in grateful awe.

What is a lanai?  It is an outdoor living space in a climate where one spends more time outside than in.   There is usually a pool involved, covered shaded areas as well as sun drenched areas to catch some rays.

We don’t have a lanai right now.  In fact, we are so far from having a lanai it just seems like a distant dream.  We live in the Midwest where the summer’s are sticky, hot and humid.  Winters are plagued by blowing snow and ice storms and the sun doesn’t shine more than a handful of times from November through March.   Fall is spectacular here but it is short lived and is just a signal that the dreariness of winter is fast approaching.  So, what is keeping us here?  Well, we were born here.  We have spent nearly 6 decades here.  We have two small businesses here, two commercial buildings that house our businesses and a home that was built during the Civil War era.  One of our adult children lives here with her husband and our only grandchild.  We also have a teenage son still in the house.  We have worked hard our whole lives but like most of our generation we don’t have a huge stockpile of money sitting in the bank waiting to make our dreams come true.  To make our dreams come true will take a lot more hard work and the sheer grace of God.

That is what this written journey is all about – seeing if it is possible to make dreams come true.  I have read some great books about how to harness the universal power to make things happen.  Is it possible?  We shall see!  I invite you to come along with me as we share some of these great books and as we put into place the concepts outlined in such books as “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill and “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne.  If these concepts are real, the dream of the Lanai and I will become a reality.

Please leave comments about your heart’s desire.  What is it that your heart longs for – even if it seems like an impossibility?