The Great Storm is Brewing! – Bring It On!

Yes, we are in a Hurricane zone. Yes, it’s Hurricane season. Yes, every year we hear all the warnings to stock up on items that will help us through the storm. This year; however, it might be wise counsel for everyone to prepare because I can feel a great storm brewing that will affect us all!

Does anyone else feel like there is something sinister looming on the horizon? Does it feel like a Great Storm is upon us? And this storm, does it feel like it reaches to all corners of the world or is it just me? Before I woke up to the fact that we are all kept securely in the matrix because we are kept in a constant state of fear, I would have been wrought with anxiety over what is happening all around us. Not anymore. We got ourselves stocked up on what we can and we are as ready as possible for any storm that comes our way. That sense of security breeds boldness. Now I am looking at those brewing storm clouds with a sense of “Bring It On, Bitches!”

It’s just like The Wizard of Oz. The Wizard was referred to as The Great and Powerful Oz! Everyone in the kingdom was scared to death of him. When Dorothy and her crew had the guts to stand before him, Toto pulled back the curtain to expose that the wizard was really just a little old man with no power whatsoever except the fear he cast over everyone. This is exactly what happens when we stop cowering to fear and stand up to face that which scares us.

The best way we can find courage in scary times is to figure out ways to survive and to thrive in the difficult times that are headed our way. Its a great idea to stock up on some canned food, first aid supplies, water, flashlights, batteries, etc., but the very best way to stock up is to learn the skills you need to survive long term. Most of our survival skills started to dwindle away after the Great Depression ended. We are now heading into a Depression so big it will make the Great Depression look like the So-So Depression. Gas prices are at all time highs, inflation is at all time highs, supply chains are broken and food shortages are on the way. Now there is talk of Alien invasions – both the human kind and the space kind. There is also talks of new pandemics being planned for – like we would ever fall for that one again! Anyway, after what we have been through, nothing they can throw at us would surprise me!

We have to learn to cook cheap again. We have to learn to sew and can and preserve again. The biggest defeat we can hand to those who wish to keep us down is to find joy in the hard times and satisfaction in becoming self sufficient. Over time we have all become as soft and as dependent as newborn babies! We can’t even fathom store shelves being empty. We can’t imagine gas being so expensive we choose not to drive wherever we want whenever we want. We can’t figure out how to feed our babies now that there is a baby formula shortage. Boy oh Boy! This is a wake up call if ever I saw one! Its time for us to depend on ourselves instead of Amazon!

As you know from my last post, we can’t have a garden or chickens where we live now, but this week we have moved forward with our self sufficiency plan. We have made home made, all natural shampoo with NO chemicals, we have sour dough starter brewing in the kitchen, we made all natural insect repellant, all natural lavender soap and three different types of medicinal teas. Starting next week, I am going to start documenting our urban homesteading adventures and share all the information with you. We will have recipes, instructions, etc., so that we can all gain the confidence to tell these government tyrants where they can go. Those storm clouds are building and the biggest storm we have ever weathered is bearing down on us, but we will survive and we come through it stronger and happier than ever before! Stand strong my friends!

Thank you so much for being here.

Love to all


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