How To Make Your Own Bug Juice

Insect Repellant with Essential Oils.

Greetings friends! It is such a blessing to me that you have chosen to be here with me today. I know there are a million different things you could choose to be doing with your time. The fact that you are here with me means the world to me. I am so grateful!

Today we are going to be in the apothecary making what I loving refer to as Bug Juice. The name goes back to a book my oldest daughter had when she was a little girl. It talked about Bug Juice and Honey. The name makes me smile with happy memories.

We live is a tropical location with SO many biting insects! Unfortunately I am highly allergic to these bites and tend to attract these hateful insects like a magnet to metal. For many months I used the commercial sprays because I felt like I had to have something professionally made and formulated in order for it to be effective. Then came the fateful evening when I found myself scratching in agony from the bites and I had run out of the commercial itch relief cream I normally used. I did not want to go out late in the evening to buy something so I went to my stash of essential oils and started digging into to ones with the best itch relief properties. Within a few minutes I had gathered 4 different oils that I mixed into a bottle of regular moisturizing lotion I already had. I didn’t really expect it to work very well. This is before I really learned how extraordinary and powerful essential oils are. Up to this point I had mainly used them in my diffuser for the amazing scents they produced. Almost immediately – I mean within 30 seconds – of applying the lotion, the itch was gone! Completely gone! It was such a relief! At first I suspected the relief would be short lived, but I went to bed and remained itch free all night. That was the moment of my awakening to the power of essential oils. I decided to try to formulate an insect repellant that would work as magically as the itch lotion did. Again, the results were amazing! I have used it every day since formulating this recipe and have been bite free ever since! On the rare occasion when I forgot to apply and did get a bite, the itch lotion stopped the itch and stopped the bite from getting worse. The bites healed up almost immediately!

Commercial insect repellants have such harmful chemicals in them! Plus, most contain aerosols which are also harmful. These are not products you want to use on yourself or your children! Essential oils are potent and full of healthful compounds. The difference is like night and day! Many people, myself included, believe Deet to be harmful to humans and to the environment. There are studies put out by government agencies that say it is safe. There are also numerous reports that say it is not safe. Please do your own research and come to your own conclusion. After what the population of this world has been through the past nearly 2 years, I personally don’t trust anything that comes out of the government agencies. In fact, I consider these organizations to be partners with our big drug companies and big healthcare organizations who only make money if they keep us as sick as possible for as long as possible. Just my opinion, please do your own research.

Back to the task at hand – making my insect repelling Bug Juice. We will make the itch relief and skin healing lotion another day. To make the lotion, start with a 16 once bottle of your favorite moisturizing lotion. Brand does not matter. Choose a lotion that has a thicker consistency because it will be thinned out with the addition of the oils. I purchase a lotion base in bulk because I make so much of it but this is not necessary. Dump the lotion out of the bottle into a bowl, add the oils and mix with a whisk until completely mixed together. I know it seems to make sense to just add the oils to the top of the bottle and shake, but your end results will not be as good. Mixing the oils into the lotion base takes time. If you don’t mix it thoroughly enough, the oils will separate out which is not what you want. Even though essential oils are amazingly safe, most are too potent to apply directly to the skin in some people. If this is your first time working with essential oils, I want your end result to be perfect. The oils you will use are as follows:

  1. Citronella
  2. Lavender
  3. Lemongrass
  4. Peppermint

You can customize the strength of your lotion to suit your needs. I use about 3/4 of a Tablespoon of each oil for a large bottle of lotion. Using 1/2 a Tablespoon will be sufficient for most people but because I am so attractive to the little biters, I make mine a little stronger.

Essential oils seem like they are very expensive but when you consider how much of the herb or how many flowers are required to make the oils and how very potent they are, the cost is very reasonable. Make sure you are using high quality oils and not fragrance oils. You want therapeutic quality, pure oils. There are some very well known oil companies out there that produce high quality products; however, most are MLM companies so for each oil you purchase you are paying the company, the person selling them as well as the people who sponsored them. There are less expensive ways to purchase the oils and still get high quality products. Again, do your research and compare products before you purchase. Because I use oils so much, I am able to purchase larger quantities for less money and then decant them into smaller bottles. Just a thought.

Once you have the lotion base and the oils thoroughly mixed, use a funnel to put the lotion back in the bottle. Depending on how full the original bottle was, you will likely have a little bit extra. This is nice to have with you in a purse or backpack for emergency use. Any small bottle with a tight fitting lid will work such as an empty, clean, hand sanitizer bottle. Do make sure you clean the bottle very well to get all the alcohol residue out of the bottle before putting your Bug Juice in it.

This lotion not only repels insects, it moisturizes your skin with every application. It will have a SLIGHT oily feeling because you are adding oils. I have not experienced any oil stains on my clothing or chair covers. I love how soft it makes my skin feel and I feel good knowing I am using a completely safe product. As with any product, a very few people might find they are allergic to the oils. I have never heard of it but I am sure it is possible. If you have any type of reaction to the lotion, just stop using and pass it on to someone who might find it beneficial.

Thank you so much for being here today. If you have questions, please ask in the comment section and I will get back to you. If this was helpful to you or you know someone who might find it helpful, please like, subscribe and share! Next time we get together, I will be showing and explaining the progress on the vintage wedding gown restyle. Hope to see you there!



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