You Have The Strength To Get Through Your Challenges!

Today is day 5 of my 78 day Tarot Card Challenge! Thank you so much for being here. My gratitude is overflowing!

The card I pulled for today is the Strength Card. Just gazing at this beautiful card gives me strength and makes it clear that strength doesn’t necessarily mean we have to conquer our battles by using brute force. So many times it is our strength of Character or strength of Perseverance that wins the battles. The strength of Wisdom also comes to mind. When we are young, we sometimes don’t have the wisdom needed to successfully win our battles. We rely only on the surface strength we possess such as strong muscles, strong tongues and strong wills. It is only with age that we learn the strength of wisdom, patience and perseverance.

The Strength Card has a picture of a beautiful woman with her head held high walking under the starlit sky with a lion walking at her side. Starting at the top of the card, we see the dark of night. When we are facing a challenge, it can so often feel like we are walking in the dark, as if we can’t see the path clearly and we are afraid of what the darkness might be hiding. Challenges often bring fear into our lives. Being courageous doesn’t mean that we don’t feel the fear, it just means that we feel the fear but move forward through the challenge anyway.

I was in church one Sunday morning many years ago and I was praying for a person in my life who repeatedly faced the same challenges over and over and over again! I asked God, why did she have to go through all of this. Instantly a video started playing in my head. I saw a woman dressed in a ragged, brown cape running over very rocky and rough terrain. Right behind her was a pack of horrible, biting, growling creatures trying to bite at her heels. She kept running until she tripped and fell. Instinctively she gathered herself up into a ball, covered her head with her hands and tried to protect herself from the biting creatures. Their teeth were snapping all around her, threatening her with death. Finally, in desperation, the woman raised her head and looked at the demons all around her. With her determined gaze, the demons started to back up. The woman gathered herself up and stood firmly in her place. With this, the demons backed away from her though they were still growling and snapping at her. She gathered her inner fortitude, her inner strength, and grabbed one of the them by the scuff of the neck. Instantly that hideous creature turned into a docile, domestic house cat. She turned and saw a pile of cages right beside her. She shoved the cat in the cage and continued to do this with each and every creature that had been pursuing her. Once every single demon was transformed and caged, the woman walked away in peace. The lesson I learned from this is that all of us have times when it feels like we are being chased by demons. We fear for our lives and we run. At some point, we all have to stand up and face those demons. Once we look them in the eye and take action, those demons somehow lose their power over us. It is only after we conquer the demons that we can remove them from our lives. If we never deal with them, they will just continue to plague us over and over again. If we never tame our beasts, we can’t learn the lesson of strength.

I am also reminded of Jesus and his disciples. They were all in a boat when a vicious storm came upon them. Jesus was sleeping at the time. The disciples were all terrified and started trying to fight the storm with human strength but fear overtook them. They awoke Jesus who rebuked them for their lack of faith. Then he held out his arms and told the storm to become calm. The seas calmed just as he commanded and they were able to continue their journey. Jesus was calm in the eye of the storm and had faith that he was able to calm the waters using his wisdom and belief in his abilities – his inner strength and his knowledge that God would always be there to help. This inner strength is what will get us through the toughest challenges that come our way.

When challenges come and fear grips us tightly, we sometimes react violently to try to overpower the challenge. We lash out at people or act irrationally. These actions usually end with even more challenges arising. It’s by using the strength of our wisdom, the strength of our character and the strength of our perseverance that we are able to tame the beasts or calm the seas.

Thank you so much for being here today! I look forward to sharing with you again tomorrow!



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