How To Make Good Decisions – You Can Do It!

Learn to make decisions from the Knight of Swords

Welcome back! I’m so glad you have joined us today as we dive into how to make strong decisions. This is day 2 of our 78 day journey through the Tarot Cards. I drew the Knight of Sword today. It’s a very beautiful card showing the strength of the Knight in such vivid colors of rich blues and purples with touches of gold. We have a knight on horseback in full battle gear with his sword held high above his head. The sun is glinting off the sword in a flash of golden light. In the tree just behind him we see an owl perched among the branches peering down at the knight. So what does it all mean?

So many times in life we are faced with really tough decisions. As we are trying to make the right choices, we often feel like we are in a battle within ourselves. What is the right choice? What if we make the wrong choice? How do we know what to do? Sometimes the battle is so fierce we feel paralyzed by the whole situation. We choose to shut down completely or to ignore the entire situation. This never works. At some point in time, we will have to make the decision or someone else will make it for us. If someone else makes the decision, it will most likely not be made with our best interest in mind. When this happens, we have given away our power.

This card inspires us to first ask God for direction as depicted by the bright golden light reflecting off the sword. Raise the question up to God as the knight is raising his sword. Ask for wisdom and guidance. Wisdom brings us to the owl, the quintessential symbol of wisdom and knowledge. The owl is looking down at the knight showing that wisdom is over the knight and being offering to him if the he will look up and seek it.

To find this promised wisdom, quiet your mind and sit in stillness for a little bit of time. It will come to you. If it doesn’t come to you right away, it will come when you least expect it. Sometimes you will wake up knowing the answer to your problem. Sometimes someone will say something to you at exactly the right moment and you will know the answer. The answer will present itself. You just have to be willing to see it.

Once you have taken some time to hear what is given to you, go boldly ahead. Just as this knight is poised for battle and his horse is leaning forward eager for the signal to charge, so must you be ready to charge forward. Now is not the time to hesitate and second guess yourself. Now is the time to charge ahead and make that decision with confidence and strength! Once you have made the decision to the very best of your ability, don’t look back! What is done is done! You made the decision using all of the tools available to you. Have faith in yourself and keep moving forward. What happens to this knight if he stops his horse and looks backward? Most likely the enemy will see his moment of weakness and move in for the kill. If you doubt yourself after you make a decision, you will allow the enemy of your own mind to attack you.

This card also shows us that there has to be a balance between seeking the right answer and charging ahead. If the knight charges ahead without taking time to size up his opponent, he could make a reckless and dangerous move. On the other hand, if he waits too long to charge, he could quickly become overcome by his opponent. This would also not end well. As with all things in life, balance is the key.

Tough decisions come to us all. When they come, remember the lessons of the knight; ask God for wisdom, seek and hear that wisdom then move forward boldly.

Thanks again for being here! I hope you join me tomorrow for day 3!



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