Shake Those Flabby Arms With Pride Girlfriend!!

Ladies!! Seriously! It’s time we all stop beating ourselves up!!! For many years we owned a Bridal Shop. It was the best part of me and it taught me so many amazing lessons. One of the best lessons I ever learned came flooding back to me this morning when I received a text message from my very best friend. Her son and youngest child is getting married later this year so she is looking for a Mother of the Groom dress. She sent me a picture of a gorgeous dress and asked my opinion. My dear friend is tall and slender and willowy and all the good things. The comment she sent me was that she liked it except that it would show her flabby arms!! This is the one issue I dealt with more than any other when working with Mothers! Their arms! SO many times there were tears and self loathing to the point they would just give up the search. My heart broke for all of these women just like it broke for my beloved best friend this morning!

I pray every women out there hears this message – so please share it with anyone who needs to hear it! Those arms of yours that you hate have literally changed the world! Be grateful for those arms! Those arms made your child the person he or she is today! Those arms cradled and comforted the newborn who suddenly came into a big, loud, scary world. Those arms rocked that child to sleep in the quiet of the night when it was just the two of you. Those arms hugged that child as he or she grew and faced new challenges. Those arms lifted that child up when he or she fell down. Those arms were strong when he or she needed a forceful push in the right direction. Those arms held your child close when he or she needed you no matter how old he or she was. Remember this: On your child’s wedding day, those arms will give your child the last hug he or she receives before becoming a husband or wife and creating a new, independent household. No one cares what your arms look like! The ONLY important thing is what those arms have done and your arms have done GREAT THINGS!!!

We live in a time of so much hatred! This person h@te$ that person and this group h@te$ that group and this side h@te$ that side and this nation h@te$ that nation and on and on it goes! If we are ever going to stop this cycle of h@te, we have to start with ourselves. If we are truly going to be able to love in a world filled with h@te, we have to start by looking in the mirror and loving the person staring back at us.

My prayer for all of us is to look in the mirror and shake those flabby arms with love and power! Those arms have truly made the world a better place.

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