It’s All About Balance

Traditional medicine is the health care system that has been in place for well over 6000 years and luckily is still practiced in the United States on a limited bases. Modern medicine or “Mainstream Medicine” as I call it has only been around since about 1910 when the Carnegie and Rockefeller Foundations made the decision that they would push for only having “science based” medical schools in the US. They created a survey which they presented to all medical schools of the day to determine which schools were interested in pursuing this new “scientific” approach to medicine. They prepared a report called the Flexner Report. From this report they determined which schools would receive funding and which would not. Because money runs the world, only about 20% of medical schools survived. All the other medical schools who taught traditional medicine were forced to shut down. Sound familiar? I discuss this whole concept in another post I will present soon. As always, please do your own research.

Traditional Medicine is based entirely on achieving balance in the whole body and in all of life. Life these days seems to be designed to make absolutely sure we are out of balance at all times. When we are out of balance, disease is absolutely going to show up – no questions asked – it is a fact. The word disease is broken down into 2 syllables. The first is “dis” meaning the negative side of whatever word follows. The second is “ease” meaning everything is easy and flowing. When you put them together, disease is the result of not being in ease or not living an easy, flowing life where everything is in balance. This concept was brought home to me very recently when I went against my basic belief system and I went to see a Mainstream Medical Dr.

Don’t get me wrong, Mainstream Medicine has its place in our world. For me, that place is in the case of trauma. If I break a bone or cut an artery, I am going to immediately seek out the services of a Mainstream Medical facility to repair the leg or stop the bleeding. If I suffer an accident that causes physical harm to my bodily structure, my space suit if you will, I am going to go to have it repaired in a Mainstream Medical facility. For long term preservation of health or for rebalancing to cure disease, I will stick to Traditional medicine.

Over the course of the past year I have developed hip pain. When I had exhausted all my natural home remedies such as Yoga, lavender and epsom salt baths, etc., I was faced with a decision. I could seek the help of an acupuncturist or I could call a Mainstream Dr. My mom was living with us at the time. We had established her with a MSDr. who wasn’t too bad so I decided I would give it a try. Before the appointment I practiced what I would say to her so that she would best know what I was experiencing. I knew which moves I could make to demonstrate what made it hurt. I was ready! I thought she would appreciate my preparedness, but sadly I was wrong. She was not interested in hearing what I had to say. She put me on the table, manipulated the leg until I cried out in pain, went back to the desk and started writing. I was given an order for X-rays and a prescription for pain killers that I was to take 4 times a day whether the hip hurt or not for 2 weeks when I was to return to the office for a follow up appointment. That’s it. Since then I have had radiation shot into my body and have been taking the pain. pills. We shall see what the results are when I return to her office.

The thing is, my janky hip is the result of being out of balance both physically and mentally. Yes, the mental aspect has much to do with physical pain. I over used the hip and abused it as a high school athlete. When you are young, you never think about the damage you are doing to your body. You push it harder than you should to achieve results that exceed expectations and earn you trophies. Competition is the name of the game. That is not a very balanced way to live. As an adult I have very gradually put on many extra pounds. You know, it happens to all of us as we age, or so I told myself. Again, I have been out of balance. I have been putting in more than I was taking out. The result is being over weight. What does being overweight lead to? It leads to putting extra stress on our joints. If my joints are designed to support a person weighing 100 pounds and I weigh 150. pounds, my hip joints are going to be unduly stressed which will exacerbate the damage caused from a lifetime of over use. My body is out of balance with how it was designed. Therefore, I am suffering the effects of lack of balance. Now it is up to me to fix the problem.
What does my future hold? Mainstream Medicine or Traditional Medicine? We will find out soon.

This is just one example of how being out of balance is the cause for trouble. The problem is our whole entire Western Civilization is built around making sure we are out of balance. We are a civilization based on greed, manipulation, competition and power. In all of these things, there are winners and losers. To obtain any of those trophies, it requires the system to be out of balance. Because of this lack of balance within the structure of our civilization, we are now seeing the ill effects. Our civilization is crumbling before our very eyes. What will happen? I believe it will take our current system completely falling apart so that a new, balanced way of living can emerge from the collapse. Getting from where we are to where we are hopefully going is called Ascension. This is the place where we leave behind a very unbalanced way of living and enter into an elevated, more balanced way of living. The journey will be rough for a while, but the reward will be great!

Thanks for being here and for joining me on this journey. I will be back tomorrow. I hope to see you here!



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