How To Make Good Decisions – You Can Do It!

Learn to make decisions from the Knight of Swords

Welcome back! I’m so glad you have joined us today as we dive into how to make strong decisions. This is day 2 of our 78 day journey through the Tarot Cards. I drew the Knight of Sword today. It’s a very beautiful card showing the strength of the Knight in such vivid colors of rich blues and purples with touches of gold. We have a knight on horseback in full battle gear with his sword held high above his head. The sun is glinting off the sword in a flash of golden light. In the tree just behind him we see an owl perched among the branches peering down at the knight. So what does it all mean?

So many times in life we are faced with really tough decisions. As we are trying to make the right choices, we often feel like we are in a battle within ourselves. What is the right choice? What if we make the wrong choice? How do we know what to do? Sometimes the battle is so fierce we feel paralyzed by the whole situation. We choose to shut down completely or to ignore the entire situation. This never works. At some point in time, we will have to make the decision or someone else will make it for us. If someone else makes the decision, it will most likely not be made with our best interest in mind. When this happens, we have given away our power.

This card inspires us to first ask God for direction as depicted by the bright golden light reflecting off the sword. Raise the question up to God as the knight is raising his sword. Ask for wisdom and guidance. Wisdom brings us to the owl, the quintessential symbol of wisdom and knowledge. The owl is looking down at the knight showing that wisdom is over the knight and being offering to him if the he will look up and seek it.

To find this promised wisdom, quiet your mind and sit in stillness for a little bit of time. It will come to you. If it doesn’t come to you right away, it will come when you least expect it. Sometimes you will wake up knowing the answer to your problem. Sometimes someone will say something to you at exactly the right moment and you will know the answer. The answer will present itself. You just have to be willing to see it.

Once you have taken some time to hear what is given to you, go boldly ahead. Just as this knight is poised for battle and his horse is leaning forward eager for the signal to charge, so must you be ready to charge forward. Now is not the time to hesitate and second guess yourself. Now is the time to charge ahead and make that decision with confidence and strength! Once you have made the decision to the very best of your ability, don’t look back! What is done is done! You made the decision using all of the tools available to you. Have faith in yourself and keep moving forward. What happens to this knight if he stops his horse and looks backward? Most likely the enemy will see his moment of weakness and move in for the kill. If you doubt yourself after you make a decision, you will allow the enemy of your own mind to attack you.

This card also shows us that there has to be a balance between seeking the right answer and charging ahead. If the knight charges ahead without taking time to size up his opponent, he could make a reckless and dangerous move. On the other hand, if he waits too long to charge, he could quickly become overcome by his opponent. This would also not end well. As with all things in life, balance is the key.

Tough decisions come to us all. When they come, remember the lessons of the knight; ask God for wisdom, seek and hear that wisdom then move forward boldly.

Thanks again for being here! I hope you join me tomorrow for day 3!



How To Manifest Joy After Change

Change is inevitable; however, change can manifest great blessings into our lives.

Good Morning! It is such a blessing that you are here! If you read my last post, you know that I had a Tarot Card reading last weekend. It was fun and I felt like it actually changed my life for the better. Because of that experience, I became curious about the cards and wanted to learn more. I know some of you may have bad feelings about such things. That’s OK. I believe that God wants to speak with us and have a relationship with us. He will use whatever tools are available to communicate if we are willing to listen. So, I purchased a deck of cards for myself. My biggest desire for my life is to use my gift of writing to inspire others and to build the next phase of our lives. I have decided to do a challenge based on the 75 Hard program developed by Andy Frisella. His program uses fitness and nutrition to win the war that rages within all of us. The program has you complete the challenge every single day for 75 days. To be honest, fitness and nutrition are not at the forefront of my life at this point; however, I do want to reach my goals. Instead of fitness and nutrition, I am committing to writing every day for 75 days no matter what challenges come my way. At first, that seemed so daunting! How was I going to be able to come up with new inspiration every day for 75 days? Then it came to me. A deck of Tarot cards has 78 cards. I would draw a card each day, read about the meaning of the card and write about whatever inspiration arose from it. My challenge starts now!

This is the first card I drew. It is the Five of Cups. The meaning is quite profound to me. In numerology, the number 5 represents change. On this card we see the Knight surrounded by 5 cups, three of which have been knocked over and drained of their content and two which are still upright and full. The full cups are located behind him so he can’t see them. The three spilled cups are in front of him and he seems to be very sad that they have been knocked over.

More often than not, this is how we all look at great change when it comes into our lives. We are so sad that what has been in front of us for so long has come to an end. We spend our time heavy hearted that our cups have been knocked over and the content is gone. We were comfortable with the way things were even if they were not perfect. The known is always more comfortable than the unknown.

What we fail to see is that there are still glowing, golden cups full of wonder and joy just waiting for us to discover. Just like this Knight! He can’t see the full cups because he is lamenting the loss of the empty cups. All he has to do is get up off his knees, thank God for all the joy the fallen cups have given him and turn around to see the new blessings that await!

We do not live in a vacuum. When something leaves us, our lives do not shrivel up and become smaller. When something leaves, it creates a void that allows something new to come in to fill that empty space. Change is going to happen. How does the saying go? The only thing constant in life is change! You have the power to manifest great things in your life. If what was in your life is gone, there is nothing you can do to bring it back. The only thing you can do is turn around and find a new path. The universal truth is that the farther we get knocked down, the higher God can raise us up! What is something that you really want to have in your life? Now is the time to attract it to you! Write down exactly what it is you want. What does it look like? How does it make you feel? How happy would you be if it appeared in your life? Once you have it clearly defined and you have attached emotion to it, create a vision board with pictures of it, words describing it, pictures of you feeling how you would feel if you had it and a definite time when you want this thing to be yours. Place the vision board somewhere you will see it every single day. Spend 5 minutes every day looking at it and see it coming to you in this very moment. Feel like it is already yours. Believe that it will come to you.

The next step is to define what you can do every day to move you closer to that thing. Of course we want things to magically appear in our hands, but most things, like me wanting to be a professional writer, take some leap of faith. I am not going to be a professional writer if I don’t write. You will not meet the love of your life if you sit in your house alone all day every day. There are things that require us to do something in order to get what we want in life. All it takes is faith and belief to take that first step. The Bible tells us that a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. If you are at a point in your life when change is causing chaos, be bold enough and brave enough to embrace it. Stand up and turn around. See the opportunities ahead of you and take that step! Live Boldly My Friends!

Thanks so much for being here! I look forward to sharing a new card with you tomorrow.



Full Moon Fire Ceremony – Letting It All Go!

So, you know my best friend I talked about in the Flabby Arms post? Well, she asked me if I wanted to go to this psychic event with her. Are you kidding me!! Absolutely!! Count me in!! That’s my realm!!

The psychic used Tarot cards to help with her readings. She had me shuffle the deck and she dealt them out. I have to admit, I am not very familiar with Tarot cards so I had no idea of their meanings when she flipped them over. She took just a split second to look at them, tapped her finger on one and asked me who I needed to forgive. Now, it just so happened that a few days earlier, someone in my life made a very innocent comment to me. There was no hidden meaning, no hidden agenda, nothing behind the words, but for some reason, they cut through me to my soul! I had been unsuccessful at letting go of all the negative emotions that had boiled to the surface. This is not a normal way for me to respond to things as I am usually very rational but for some reason, I was struggling. Since I was just staring at her like a deer in the headlights, she rephrased the question, “Is there someone you need to forgive?” I affirmed that there was. She went on to remind me that when we hold onto hurt feelings or anger towards someone, we are not punishing them, we are punishing ourselves. The other person is not feeling the hurt, we are. The longer we hold onto it, the longer we punish ourselves! Forgiveness doesn’t mean that what the other person did was OK, it means we are able to release the hurt and find happiness again.

I knew that what she was saying was 100% correct but letting it all go was easier said than done! I had been holding onto those feelings for days and the emotion was right at the surface 24/7! How was I going to be able to let go? She gave me the answer. We were 2 days before the Super Moon that happened on April 26, 2021. She told me to get some clean, blank paper and start writing out everything I was feeling. She told me to just let it go and write out everything that came to the surface – give it a voice – really feel it all! Then, during the full moon I was to take the paper outside under the full moon, give myself permission to let it go and set it on fire. The intent was to let the smoke rise up to God so that he could blow it all away.

Such a beautiful image formed in my mind. I did exactly what she suggested. With each sentence that I wrote, I looked deeper behind the words. There was more hiding back there. So much more! Good Heavens!! Where had all these memories and hurts from the past 60 years been hiding? I didn’t even know they were there but they just all came pouring out into the light of day. There they were on that paper, raw and wounded emotions that had built up over a lifetime. It took me over 4 hours to get it all out. When I was finished, I was literally exhausted and was left with a massive headache. It felt like I had a cancer cut out of me! You know how someone might go in for surgery to remove a very small spot of cancer but the surgeon has to remove a huge amount of tissue all around it to make sure he got it all? That’s what it felt like!

At 9:30 last night, the time arrived. Kevin had been watching me go through all of this and wanted so much to help me with the release ceremony. We took my document and a metal dog bowl out onto the lanai, asked God to take this load from me and we set it on fire! With the huge full moon overhead, we could see the smoke curling towards Heaven. We watched it from first flicker to last glowing ember and I let it all go. All of it! Up in smoke and blown away by the breath of God. I slept like a baby last night. This morning I decided to look at my emotions just to see if there was anything left. Miraculously, it was all gone. In its place was the feeling that it was all so small when it started. The way I had held onto it, nurtured it and let it grow was really the saddest part of it all.

Today is a new day. I have learned a great lesson. I pray I can remember the lesson and can release the negative emotions from my life as soon as they come so that I can fully enjoy every wonderful moment that awaits in the future.

Thanks so much for being here! If you have anything within your soul that just needs to be released, I highly recommend this process to let it all go!



Shake Those Flabby Arms With Pride Girlfriend!!

Ladies!! Seriously! It’s time we all stop beating ourselves up!!! For many years we owned a Bridal Shop. It was the best part of me and it taught me so many amazing lessons. One of the best lessons I ever learned came flooding back to me this morning when I received a text message from my very best friend. Her son and youngest child is getting married later this year so she is looking for a Mother of the Groom dress. She sent me a picture of a gorgeous dress and asked my opinion. My dear friend is tall and slender and willowy and all the good things. The comment she sent me was that she liked it except that it would show her flabby arms!! This is the one issue I dealt with more than any other when working with Mothers! Their arms! SO many times there were tears and self loathing to the point they would just give up the search. My heart broke for all of these women just like it broke for my beloved best friend this morning!

I pray every women out there hears this message – so please share it with anyone who needs to hear it! Those arms of yours that you hate have literally changed the world! Be grateful for those arms! Those arms made your child the person he or she is today! Those arms cradled and comforted the newborn who suddenly came into a big, loud, scary world. Those arms rocked that child to sleep in the quiet of the night when it was just the two of you. Those arms hugged that child as he or she grew and faced new challenges. Those arms lifted that child up when he or she fell down. Those arms were strong when he or she needed a forceful push in the right direction. Those arms held your child close when he or she needed you no matter how old he or she was. Remember this: On your child’s wedding day, those arms will give your child the last hug he or she receives before becoming a husband or wife and creating a new, independent household. No one cares what your arms look like! The ONLY important thing is what those arms have done and your arms have done GREAT THINGS!!!

We live in a time of so much hatred! This person h@te$ that person and this group h@te$ that group and this side h@te$ that side and this nation h@te$ that nation and on and on it goes! If we are ever going to stop this cycle of h@te, we have to start with ourselves. If we are truly going to be able to love in a world filled with h@te, we have to start by looking in the mirror and loving the person staring back at us.

My prayer for all of us is to look in the mirror and shake those flabby arms with love and power! Those arms have truly made the world a better place.

Thank you for being here. Please take time to comment, like, share and subscribe. We are stronger together!



Following the Path to Joy!

finding joy, joyful living, finding our bliss, soul mate, being happy, wisdom is the reward, living our best life, dreams do come true, life is sweet, gratitude and joy are the goal.

As I quickly approach my 60th birthday I have taken some time to reflect on my life. What an amazing journey it has been so far and I TRULY feel THE BEST IS YET TO COME!

With age comes a little bit of wisdom. These are some of the things I have learned so far:

  1. Doing something that brings you joy is more important than the size of the paycheck.
  2. The body we live in is only a space suit – it does not define who we are in our souls.
  3. Learning that “This Too Shall Pass” makes it easier to weather the storms that will come to all of us.
  4. Having faith that God can handle the situation without my help is HARD!!
  5. Defining people by their Job Title, how much money they have or by the status symbols they own is wrong.
  6. Re-hashing the injustices we experienced in our past robs us of the joy we could be experiencing today.
  7. Going through life with a true soul mate by our side whom we love deeply makes everything better.
  8. There is wonder and joy all around us if we only make the effort to see it.
  9. It’s OK to let your weird self out in the open for all to see. Your tribe will find you when you are authentic.
  10. Finding something to be truly grateful for every single day brings out the sweetness in life.

I am grateful for all the experiences I have had so far in my life. I am so grateful that for over half of my life I have had the divine miracle of going through life with my soul mate. We have weathered some horrible storms but we have also experienced the joy of seeing the sun come out again. Our joyful times far outweigh the our times of strife. Now we have reached the golden time in our lives when we can reap all that we have sown. After actively raising children in our home for 35+ years, we are rapidly approaching the time when it will just be us again. Our youngest is 19 and is finding his own path. All three of our kids are happy, safe and living their own forms of bliss. Seeing them like this is a gift beyond compare. What a joyful time lies at our feet! We have lived through a lot, learned a lot and loved a lot. I am eternally grateful for all of it!

While this is a very rewarding time in our lives, it is also a time of great transformation. What do we do now? What is next on our path? It has taken us quite a lot of time pondering this monumental question. There have been a few false starts, some backtracking, some map reading and some prayers, but we finally seem to be on the same page. We are ready for our next great project. What’s it going to be? All I can say right now is that it is going to be full of magic and adventure and wonderment and weirdness and joy. Hopefully you will want to come along for the ride!

Thanks for being here!


Fear Is A Scary Thing!

Good Morning and Welcome to The Lanai and I!  This is the place where we openly explore our hopes and dreams for the future!  Thanks so much for being here!  

The title of this episode is Fear is a Scary Thing!!!  Before we get started, this episode is also available as a podcast and can be found on all your favorite podcast sights.   Please subscribe to our different channels so that you never miss a new episode.  OK, with all the housekeeping done, let’s jump in!

Let’s face it, we live in a fear based world.  The only way the puppet masters ruling the earth can keep us firmly in the grips of the matrix they have constructed is by keeping us in some sort of fear at all times.  

We are trained from the time we are born to live is fear.  We are afraid of what others will think.  We are afraid to be ourselves because we fear no one will like us.  We are afraid to put a voice to our hopes and dreams because others might ridicule us.  We are afraid of not following the standard path through life because we might fail.   And on and on it goes!  Fear rules our lives and keeps us from finding true joy in life.  

For me, putting my thoughts on paper  – and now into audible words – for the whole world to see and hear was terrifying!  It seems like it was just yesterday that I started on this journey when it has really been over 3 years!  I started very small – just a blog post every now and then.  I didn’t tell anyone about it at first.  Then I got brave and posted it to social media, but again, I wasn’t very consistent.  Then things started to change and I found strength.  

for my husband and I it was our vision of what we wanted our future to look like that led us to fears doorstep.  We had a dream.  For a long time we kept it to ourselves because we were afraid of what others would think.  I mean, who did we think we were to even THINK that we could actually slow down the frantic pace at which we lived our lives and enjoy the bounties of this awesome life?  

Think about that for just a minute.  We ALL have a fear of what others will think – of others criticizing us.  By giving into that fear, who is actually in control of our lives?  Other people are!  We are handing our happiness and our lives over to the opinions of others!  Does that make any sense at all?  No it doesn’t!  The ONLY people who should be in control of our lives is us!  That’s it!  Why do we think it is so important what other people think about us?  If we really looked at that fear, we would realize how pathetic it is because in reality, those other people don’t give a rat’s ass about us!  IF they were to criticize us, it is only because they want to keep us from moving ahead with our dreams because they have always been too scared to move ahead with their own dreams.  By keeping us back with them, they don’t have to look at their own failure to make their dreams their reality!  IF they laughed at us, their laughter is just a way of controlling us!  Is that really how you want to live your life?  At the mercy of other people’s opinions?  It shouldn’t be!

My husband and I are of the age that we grew up being programmed to believe that the only way to get ahead is to work harder and longer than the next guy.  You had to work as hard as humanly possible for as long as humanly possible if there was to be real financial reward by the time you reached retirement age.  So, that is exactly what we were doing!  Again, why were we doing this?  Out of FEAR!  Fear that we wouldn’t have enough money to retire on.  Fear that as we entered our golden years we would end up being homeless street people.  

Luckily we started waking up a couple of years ago.  It was a slow awakening but it happened.  We realized that we were living just to work!  We were not working so that we could live a joyous life.  We were not enjoying each other, we were not enjoying our home and we were not enjoying our lives.  We were simply working.  We had accumulated some assets, not a great fortune by any means but some figures on paper.  The problem was that we couldn’t even enjoy those assets because we were working all the time and again there was the element of fear!  We were so afraid of spending any money because it might deplete our resources for retirement. 

Once we realized this, we started talking about it.  What would happen if we stopped working or at least slowed down the frantic pace?  Well, we faced fear again!  We were afraid of what people would think if they found out we wanted to retire before we were 60.  The programming all of our lives had been so tight that we thought that retiring before age 65 was judgement worthy.   Can you imagine! Being afraid of what others thought about when we decided to leave the rat race!

As we continued to look at our dreams for our future, we realized we really wanted to move to a sunny, tropical location to enjoy our lives.  Once again, guess what popped up!  FEAR!  We were afraid of what would happen to our friends and family if we moved away!  Would some of them be mad that we abandoned them?  Would we lose some of them because of the distance separating us?  We let this fear rule our decision making for quite awhile.  We hashed it out frequently.  Finally we came to the realization that we live in a very technologically connected world.  We were also blessed with fast and easy travel methods.  Our true friends and family members who wanted to stay connected would stay connected.  It didn’t really matter where we were physically located – we were accessible no matter where we decided to live.  In fact, our moving to a tropical location might even be looked at by many as a positive thing because they would have a wonderful place to go for vacations!  

Finally, we faced our fears and decided to make our dreams come true.  It was and continues to be a huge test of our faith.  We had to turn a lot of the details over to God Almighty and we have been blessed for our faith.  All of our fears turned out to be pointless.  None of the horrible things we feared actually happened.  

That’s the thing about fear.  We spend our whole lives fearing what might happen, what could happen or what horrible event might come our way.  I have read many studies that prove that 90% of the things we fear in life never even come into being!  NINETY PERCENT never happen!!!  Think how much more happiness we could have in life if we worried about or feared things 90% less of the time.  How huge would that be?  How many dreams could we actually pursue if we had 90% less fear?  Instead of fearing the horrible things that could happen, what if we looked for all the wonderful things that have an equal or larger chance of happening!  That’s a new concept!  Looking for the positives instead of the negatives.  WOW!  That thought will lead us down an entirely different` rabbit hole so I think we will dive into that at a later time.  

My final thought is this, Is fear holding you back from something you really desire?  How hard would it be to just let it go and live a fearless life?  

Thanks for being here!  



It’s All About Balance

Traditional medicine is the health care system that has been in place for well over 6000 years and luckily is still practiced in the United States on a limited bases. Modern medicine or “Mainstream Medicine” as I call it has only been around since about 1910 when the Carnegie and Rockefeller Foundations made the decision that they would push for only having “science based” medical schools in the US. They created a survey which they presented to all medical schools of the day to determine which schools were interested in pursuing this new “scientific” approach to medicine. They prepared a report called the Flexner Report. From this report they determined which schools would receive funding and which would not. Because money runs the world, only about 20% of medical schools survived. All the other medical schools who taught traditional medicine were forced to shut down. Sound familiar? I discuss this whole concept in another post I will present soon. As always, please do your own research.

Traditional Medicine is based entirely on achieving balance in the whole body and in all of life. Life these days seems to be designed to make absolutely sure we are out of balance at all times. When we are out of balance, disease is absolutely going to show up – no questions asked – it is a fact. The word disease is broken down into 2 syllables. The first is “dis” meaning the negative side of whatever word follows. The second is “ease” meaning everything is easy and flowing. When you put them together, disease is the result of not being in ease or not living an easy, flowing life where everything is in balance. This concept was brought home to me very recently when I went against my basic belief system and I went to see a Mainstream Medical Dr.

Don’t get me wrong, Mainstream Medicine has its place in our world. For me, that place is in the case of trauma. If I break a bone or cut an artery, I am going to immediately seek out the services of a Mainstream Medical facility to repair the leg or stop the bleeding. If I suffer an accident that causes physical harm to my bodily structure, my space suit if you will, I am going to go to have it repaired in a Mainstream Medical facility. For long term preservation of health or for rebalancing to cure disease, I will stick to Traditional medicine.

Over the course of the past year I have developed hip pain. When I had exhausted all my natural home remedies such as Yoga, lavender and epsom salt baths, etc., I was faced with a decision. I could seek the help of an acupuncturist or I could call a Mainstream Dr. My mom was living with us at the time. We had established her with a MSDr. who wasn’t too bad so I decided I would give it a try. Before the appointment I practiced what I would say to her so that she would best know what I was experiencing. I knew which moves I could make to demonstrate what made it hurt. I was ready! I thought she would appreciate my preparedness, but sadly I was wrong. She was not interested in hearing what I had to say. She put me on the table, manipulated the leg until I cried out in pain, went back to the desk and started writing. I was given an order for X-rays and a prescription for pain killers that I was to take 4 times a day whether the hip hurt or not for 2 weeks when I was to return to the office for a follow up appointment. That’s it. Since then I have had radiation shot into my body and have been taking the pain. pills. We shall see what the results are when I return to her office.

The thing is, my janky hip is the result of being out of balance both physically and mentally. Yes, the mental aspect has much to do with physical pain. I over used the hip and abused it as a high school athlete. When you are young, you never think about the damage you are doing to your body. You push it harder than you should to achieve results that exceed expectations and earn you trophies. Competition is the name of the game. That is not a very balanced way to live. As an adult I have very gradually put on many extra pounds. You know, it happens to all of us as we age, or so I told myself. Again, I have been out of balance. I have been putting in more than I was taking out. The result is being over weight. What does being overweight lead to? It leads to putting extra stress on our joints. If my joints are designed to support a person weighing 100 pounds and I weigh 150. pounds, my hip joints are going to be unduly stressed which will exacerbate the damage caused from a lifetime of over use. My body is out of balance with how it was designed. Therefore, I am suffering the effects of lack of balance. Now it is up to me to fix the problem.
What does my future hold? Mainstream Medicine or Traditional Medicine? We will find out soon.

This is just one example of how being out of balance is the cause for trouble. The problem is our whole entire Western Civilization is built around making sure we are out of balance. We are a civilization based on greed, manipulation, competition and power. In all of these things, there are winners and losers. To obtain any of those trophies, it requires the system to be out of balance. Because of this lack of balance within the structure of our civilization, we are now seeing the ill effects. Our civilization is crumbling before our very eyes. What will happen? I believe it will take our current system completely falling apart so that a new, balanced way of living can emerge from the collapse. Getting from where we are to where we are hopefully going is called Ascension. This is the place where we leave behind a very unbalanced way of living and enter into an elevated, more balanced way of living. The journey will be rough for a while, but the reward will be great!

Thanks for being here and for joining me on this journey. I will be back tomorrow. I hope to see you here!