Her Hands Have Touched Hearts and Souls

Moments with Momma – Volume 5

These hands have worked so hard and today they are making a Halloween headpiece for the costume I will wear to a Halloween party next weekend.

As I watched her struggle to pull the floral wire tight enough to hold the blooms in place, I thought about all the things her hands have done. She has always loved flowers! These hands have dug in the dirt for more years than I have been alive, coaxing beautiful blooms to grow from tiny plants. Her flower gardens have been a source of pride and joy for her. She would point out each flower and tell you it’s story as she slowly wandered from flower bed to flower bed. Her landscaping was a work of art. When a large yard became too much and she moved to a condo, her love of flowers went with her. To most, her patio looked way too small for a flower garden, but we were all wrong. She filled the entire space with flowers. There were flower up high, down low and in between. She tended her small paradise with love and care, removing each and every bloom when it passed its peak, watering endlessly and talking to them to encourage them to be strong.

When she sold her condo to leave indiana and move in with us, one of her great grandsons took her beloved flowers home with him. Since she has been here with us, she hasn’t had any flowers to tend but I think its time she got those hands dirty again. We have a large lanai and pool deck that is begging for more color. Maybe keeping her hands in the dirt with keep her heart in the game.

As I thought about her hands, the strangest memory came to me. I remember as a young child growing up in the 60’s watching her get dressed up to go to town. Back then, women wore gorgeous, tailored suits to go shopping. After all, it was the time of Jackie O. I would lay across her bed and watch her put on her nylon stockings. Her hands would gather up the stocking all the way down to the toe. She put her toe in and then she started working that gossamer fabric up her leg gently working back and forth to make sure it was smooth and straight. Then she would put on her suit. She had two that I thought were the most beautiful clothes any woman had ever worn! One was bright spring green trimmed in navy blue and the other was cheerful, sunflower yellow trimmed in black. Once dressed, her hands would add the finishing touches – a thin belt threaded through the tiniest of belt loops and fastened in front. She would always smooth the front of her suit after the belt was on. Then she added a fabulous silk scarf that tucked in the top of the suit jacket for that perfect put-together look. Finally, she would pull out the perfectly matched pair of high heels, classic pumps in either navy or black. She looked so stunning!

I also remember her using those hands to paint greeting cards. She loved to paint. One year she decided to hand paint all of her Christmas cards. For months she would spend her spare time in her painting room creating winter scenes on blank cards. They were beautiful beyond description and lovingly made from these very hands.

Isn’t it strange how just noticing her hands today brought back all these memories! Her hands are not as strong and sure as they once were, but the joy she has brought to others through these loving and giving hands will live forever in the hearts she has touched.

Thanks for being here today. Have a great weekend and we will talk to you again on Monday!



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