You Better Watch Out! Momma Got Wheels!

Moments with Momma – volume 3

My sweet Mom has always been a Go-Getter! She was always on the move, always so athletic and so fearless. She was always on at least one bowling league, played golf as many days a week as possible, was active in the ladies card clubs as well as so many other things! She and my dad spent every Friday night out ballroom dancing where they could really cut a rug. There was literally nothing she wouldn’t try. According to her, the best way to cut a watermelon was by wielding a machete overhead and slicing the melon open with one swift downward blow. She was a great shot with a shotgun. She could spend the day out shooting with her brothers, come home, clean up in her dancing shoes and head out for a night on the town with dad. What a lady!

The problem is now she is not so mobile. The stroke and the falls have taken their tolls so now she has been forced to slow down. She gets around the house by surface surfing or using the walker but long walks or outings were out of the question – UNTIL – we had her get herself a new set of wheels.

Every morning I take our Golden Doodle for a 2.5 mile walk through the neighborhood just as the gorgeous SW Florida sunrise is happening. In the evenings my husband and I take the dog for another 1.5 -2 mile walk as the sun is setting. Now Mom can enjoy these blessings as well! She really enjoys seeing the wildlife, especially the burrowing owls that have set up household in our neighborhood. She is looking forward to the morning we see an armadillo or bald eagle.

Another great thing about her new set of wheels is that it comes apart in 4 pieces! My niece and great niece were visiting last week. We learned together how to take it apart and reassemble it. It is SUPER easy! We can pack all the pieces in the trunk and head off for great adventures beyond the neighborhood! So far we have only taken it to Fisherman’s Village in Punta Gorda but there are many things on our adventure list! We have lovingly dubbed the mobile chair The Adventure Buggy. As soon as the weather cools off just a little bit more in the middle of the day, we are heading to the Botanical Gardens. We are both super excited about that!

We hope you enjoy a few of our pictures from our world. Thanks so much for joining us today! We would love for you to subscribe to our blog so you never miss an episode!

Sunset in the neighborhood.
Sunrise in the neighborhood
Just another sunset 🙂
Bald Eagle on our path
Mom is in the lead!
Lacy Mae, the reason we walk!
Armadillo just doing its thing



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