Moments With Momma – Volume 1

The circle of life has come full circle. I have heard that phrase “the circle of life” my whole life but, until recently, it was just a whimsical thought. About 6 weeks ago it became our reality.

The backstory:

Mom had a stroke a couple of years ago from which she recovered fairly well. Unfortunately, it did leave her unable to live alone due to her lack of balance which caused a constant risk of falling. My sister, Rhonda, was at a point in her life when she could retire. She volunteered to sell her house and move in with Mom. That was a blessing! We were not in a position to have her live with us at that time. Our home had tons of stairs, was not handicapped suitable and we worked full time. It was just not a good match. A little over a year ago we sold our business and our home and moved to Florida to embrace semi-retirement. Along came 2020. Mom had fallen several times over the past couple of years, but nothing incredibly serious – until March. She fell in her bathroom in the wee hours of the morning and broke her left leg just below the hip joint. The paramedics took her to the hospital where they found out the break was severe and required immediate surgery. Rhonda called me to let me know. I started scheduling a flight to get back to Indiana and was just ready to push the “Purchase” button when she called me back. The response to the pandemic was developing moment by moment. The hospital closed down to any visitors other than one person to be there during the surgery. I would not be allowed to enter the hospital even if I was allowed to fly. So, there I sat, in Florida, half the continent away, waiting for phone updates. She made it through the surgery and was transported to a re-hab center for her recovery. The re-hab center was on total lockdown and allowed no visitors at all. The patients were confined to their rooms at all times. Mom had a miserable experience from start to finish. She was in pain and isolated from everyone. Luckily she has always had a fighting spirit so she dug in and worked to get better. The moment they agreed to release her, she went back home. She and Rhonda continued to live together. The effects of the stroke and the broken leg combined with her advanced age of 85 made the situation more than Rhonda could handle alone. I was home full time and I had Kevin and Ross available so we all decided it would be safer for Mom to move in with us. Mom agreed that it would be best. She sold her home and all of her belongings. That was extremely hard on her emotionally as well as physically but she got it done. On September 7th, she got on a plane that delivered her to the next phase of her life. Despite everything that she had been through, her attitude has been amazing! She relishes each day in Paradise! So, that is how we got to where we are today. We have gone full circle from me being the one being cared for to me being the caregiver. It took a minute for us to all settle in to our new life just like it takes a minute to adjust to all the new phases of life, but we are doing great!!!

There are going to be many great adventures as we continue our quest together. Because we all know it won’t last forever, I want to record and share our journey every step of the way. I invite you to come along with us. Please subscribe to our blog so you never miss a moment. We will be sharing the good times and the bad, figuring out things that work and things that don’t, laughing our laughs and drying our tears – and we are going to do it together. Maybe some of the tricks we learn along the way will help you or someone you know as the circle of life continues to come full circle.

Thank you so much for being here!


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