What if . . . We Chose Bliss?

31cca70c8ade7a51ecbd52addca84f19What if this virus vanished tomorrow?  What form of new normal would you choose?

What if during this time of reflection you chose to follow your bliss instead of following the herd?  Would you go back to the job that paid the bills but left you emotionally, spiritually and physically bankrupt?

What if you chose an occupation that provided for all of your material needs but filled your emotional, spiritual and physical bank accounts to overflowing?

What if you chose to admit that emotional bliss is more important than financial abundance.

What if you chose to believe in who you truly are – who you were destined to be on the day of your birth – who God sent you here to be – instead of who others and society told you to be.  From the day you were born, your parents, community  and society started teaching you who you should be, how you should behave, how you should eat, when you should eat, when you should sleep, what you should study, how you should look, who you should love, who you should hate, how you should earn a living, what you should fear and what you should desire.

What if you saw that all of this conditioning is just the deep desire of others to make you be like them or what they acknowledge as acceptable?

What if you gave yourself permission to be who YOU want to be, to love who You want to love, and be who YOU find acceptable.

What if you chose to support the human race instead of the rat race?

What if we, as a collective, could choose to rid ourselves of the desire to climb that illusive ladder, to be better than anyone else, to compete with others until we could hold our competitor’s severed head high above the crowd to prove we were the victor?

What if we chose to see that we always need others in order to succeed?

What if we worked with a sense of cooperation instead of competition?

What if we chose to do whatever we do with a servant’s heart instead of a winner’s heart?

What if we chose to live our lives in tune with the rhythms of the earth instead of by the never ending sweep of the hands on the clock?

What if we chose to live our lives guided by the lights of the sun, the moon and the stars instead of the buzzing, flickering, false light of the flourescent  bulbs on the other end of the light switch?

It has taken me nearly 60 years, but I have finally decided to follow my bliss.  Do you know what I am at my core?  Do you know what I came here to do?  I am a writer.  I came here to write and to give my writings to anyone who wanted to read them as my gift – not with the singular goal to become wealthy but with the goal of gift giving.  If I am given an outlet for my words, I already am wealthy!  Do you know when I first knew I was a writer?  I was a second grade student in Mrs. Huff’s class at Fall Creek Elementary School.  Mrs. Huff was gone for the day so we had a substitute teacher.  Our morning assignment was to write a paragraph about anything we chose to write about.  In my mind’s eye I saw a glorious sunrise over the high-rise buildings of New York City.  I wrote about the rising sun spilling it’s golden rays over the tops of the buildings like syrup flowing over a stack of pancakes!  LOL!  So dramatic!  Anyway, we had to go up to the teachers desk individually so he could read them.  When he read mine, he swiveled his chair around, put his elbows on his knees so we were eye level, looked me straight in the eye and told me my writing was amazing!  In that moment I knew I had the ability to see something in my mind and get that vision on paper.  To this day it amazes me how we can string a group of letters together to form the threads of thought to weave the very fabric of life!  For my whole life I have kept my writings in  journals in a tote in the attic.  Why?  Because, like all of us, I let others tell me their version of their truth.  I let them tell me that becoming a writer was nearly impossible and if I ever did get a book published, I could never actually make a living at writing.  I needed to be more in life than a writer – more than a day dreamer.  So now, 50 years from that day in second grade, it’s time for me to be my authentic self and to write.  What if you chose to join me on this quest for the truth?  What would you be if you chose to truly be you?

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  1. I admire you Suzy — for having the courage to step out and fulfill your dream! I am soon to be 79 and just now feeling I have the right to do what I would really like to do. .. even if it’s nothing!

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