What is the lesson from the Pandemic of COVID-19


It has been over a year since I have written.  It has been a year filled with new changes in more ways than anyone could ever have predicted!  When thinking about this time period, the word that most aptly fits is “suddenly!”  So many things have happened “suddenly that our lives look completely different than they did a year ago. 891CD4B7-F5D3-4720-8464-35330C3B1A0A

A year ago our dream of moving to Florida “suddenly” happened.  We decided to sell our house instead of the business and run the business remotely.  Our house sold very quickly so “suddenly” we were on a plane to our dream location to find a house.  “Suddenly” we were packed up and leaving everything we knew behind.  As soon as we settled into our new home in sunny Florida, “suddenly” we had a buyer for the business.  “Suddenly” we had no more ties, other than family, to Indiana.  “Suddenly” we were hosting guests in our home all the time!  We constantly had visits from our loved ones up north and we LOVED it!


And then “suddenly” everything stopped.  The virus was here and life as we knew it came to a screeching halt.  “Suddenly” we lived in a world filled with fear – fear of each other, fear of becoming sick, fear of losing jobs and livelihoods, fear of economic collapse, fear of the unknown.  “Suddenly” we were alone, locked in our homes with no idea of what might come next.  “Suddenly” the entire world got quiet.  “Suddenly“, in the midst of the quiet, I knew that I could either be part of the problem or I could be part of the solution.  I can’t make the virus go away and I can’t cure the sick, but I can spread hope for the world when this enemy leaves us.


We have all had the experience of walking into a room where 2 people have been fighting.  The air is filled with heavy, fear laden energy.  If feels terrible!  We have also all had the experience of walking into a celebration and felt that energy.  It is light and joyful and exciting.   “Suddenly” the entire world was heavy laden with a world wide blanket of fear.  Depression became the norm for huge numbers of people.  During this time I had to get myself out from under the burden of darkness.  I went inward to spend time in the divine light.  “Suddenly” I was able to see that maybe this pause wasn’t all bad.  Maybe this slow down is a time of pause to reflect on how we want life to  be in the future.  Maybe we want to re-enter a world where we can have lives filled with peace, harmony, oneness with the earth, oneness with all of humanity and oneness with God.


I had a vision of a ray of pure, white light passing through a prism where it breaks down into the entire spectrum of color.  I saw humanity as being the prism in reverse.  Every single one of us has a light within us.  Because we are all different, our lights are all different hues of the spectrum of light.  No color is better or worse than another color.  Green is not better or worse than orange – they are just different colors of the light spectrum.  By coming together with a desire for a better world, we could join all of our individual lights, focus our light through the prism to form one beam of the pure, white light of the divine.  Maybe this is a great battle between good and evil, the light and the darkness.  I don’t know.  I do know that by focusing positive energy towards the future, better days will come.


Suddenly” the time is here for us to focus on the future we want for our children.  We can choose to focus on fear and darkness or we can choose to focus on the light.  What is your choice?

Thanks for joining me today.  Please leave comments below so we can focus our light.

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