My Heart’s Desire

Greetings fellow dreamers.  Here’s to hoping we can all find the path to our heart’s desire.  My heart’s desire is to have a lanai – an outdoor oasis in a tropical location where the love of my life and I can bask in the glories of the rising and setting sun each day.  A place where I can write and pursue my passions, where we can prepare fresh, healthy foods and in general spend our years in grateful awe.

What is a lanai?  It is an outdoor living space in a climate where one spends more time outside than in.   There is usually a pool involved, covered shaded areas as well as sun drenched areas to catch some rays.

We don’t have a lanai right now.  In fact, we are so far from having a lanai it just seems like a distant dream.  We live in the Midwest where the summer’s are sticky, hot and humid.  Winters are plagued by blowing snow and ice storms and the sun doesn’t shine more than a handful of times from November through March.   Fall is spectacular here but it is short lived and is just a signal that the dreariness of winter is fast approaching.  So, what is keeping us here?  Well, we were born here.  We have spent nearly 6 decades here.  We have two small businesses here, two commercial buildings that house our businesses and a home that was built during the Civil War era.  One of our adult children lives here with her husband and our only grandchild.  We also have a teenage son still in the house.  We have worked hard our whole lives but like most of our generation we don’t have a huge stockpile of money sitting in the bank waiting to make our dreams come true.  To make our dreams come true will take a lot more hard work and the sheer grace of God.

That is what this written journey is all about – seeing if it is possible to make dreams come true.  I have read some great books about how to harness the universal power to make things happen.  Is it possible?  We shall see!  I invite you to come along with me as we share some of these great books and as we put into place the concepts outlined in such books as “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill and “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne.  If these concepts are real, the dream of the Lanai and I will become a reality.

Please leave comments about your heart’s desire.  What is it that your heart longs for – even if it seems like an impossibility?





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